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I absolutely love the Authentic Woman Series! The content is so uplifting and inspiring! It’s something that should be in everyone’s home: in bathrooms, on coffee tables, in office reception areas. My favorite part is the prompts that make you self-reflect. This is so important because we need time to sit with ourselves and become more self aware of how we can challenge our inner-critic and become more confident. I can only imagine what the world would be like if all content was created in this way, especially for teenage girls. The Authentic Woman Series wants to help women change the freaking world, but I think they are already leading by example!

-Hanha Hobson


After reading the first page of Volume 2 of The Authentic Woman, I was already in tears. I don’t know how or why, but when I received this volume, I dove deep into a tornado of rediscovery! I began dealing with emotions that had been hidden for so long, and I had a new and more powerful love and passion for my life and future! I am so thankful to have come across a platform that so much wants you to discover the person you are, to help you reach the confidence you’ve always dreamt of, to authentically show the world who you are, while letting you know how amazing and powerful you are everyday! This series has changed my life, and I can’t wait to follow and be a part of this company’s journey for years to come! 

-Nicole Romano

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The Authentic Woman Series is a perfect mix of ingenious photography and inspiring stories and messages meant to encourage women to be exactly as the name says: authentic! Reading through my volumes always brightens my day and motivates me to do more that I deeply want to do. Plus, Ashton (the founder) is so sweet and personal. You feel so good about your purchase! I simply can't recommend The Authentic Woman Series more. Don't miss out and get connected with it right now!

-Ella Jarrett


What would your life feel like if you finally knew your worth at a cellular level?

Here’s the truth: so many women struggle to see their own value, worth, goodness, and beauty. Have you ever been there? Constantly giving into self-doubt, hiding behind a facade, striving for perfection, and suppressing the truth of who you are? Girl, you’re so not alone. So many things in this life teach us to live in a state of striving. Magazines teach us to lose excess weight, tone up, and clear our skin. Toxic relationships tell us that boundaries are rude, something is wrong with us, and our personality just isn’t good enough. Our past tells us that we’re a failure, our story should be hidden, and we’ll never be able to access true freedom. But I’m here to tell you that you weren’t meant to live in a state of striving

It’s time to release those old labels, rest in your truth, and allow your authentic woman to emerge.

That’s right. It’s time to challenge all of those external voices and start acknowledging that inward voice. The truth is that you are worthy. You always have been and always will be. Worthiness is woven into the fabric of your being. It’s pumping in your veins. It’s in your DNA. The breath in your lungs and the beating heart in your chest are evidence of your unwavering worth. Stop fighting for it and start resting in it, my dear. It isn’t about achieving something you do not yet have, but about acknowledging who you already are. It isn’t about becoming something better, but about discovering the beauty of simply being you. It’s about awakening to the extraordinary worth within that never falters, wavers, or changes. It just is. 

Cause sista, when you awaken to your worth, everything will change.

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