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We are women of purpose, Authenticity and influence. 


The authentic woman confidently shows the world her most authentic, honest and real form. She remains curious and teachable much like a child. She identifies as a powerful influencer with the capability to positively affect the world. She chooses to empower other women to be beautiful, talented and authentic without feeling inferior. She knows her purpose and passionately seeks to change the world through it. She is vulnerable and does not fear transparency. She is honest, kind and brave. She is the authentic woman. 



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The Authentic Woman is a community of women from different lifestyles and backgrounds that have joined together as one force to support one another and fight against injustice in the world. We passionately pursue our dreams and embrace failure knowing that it is not the end of the story but a lesson to be learned. We know that our beauty is not merely measured by cultural ideals but by the characteristics within. We bravely challenge societies unjust standards in order to see positive change in the world. 


An Invitation

The Authentic Woman is an invitation to empower women to live authentically as themselves because who we are, in this very moment, is already enough. Who you are is enough. Join our Instagram community and meet other women just like you who are ready to step into their authentic identity in order to be a catalyst for positive change in the world! 


About Our Founder

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Hello lovely! My name is Ashton Long, founder of The Authentic Woman. I truly believe that women should be empowered to live in their most authentic form. My most ideal moment takes place in the middle of a forest somewhere with a cup of coffee in hand. I am in a committed, life-long relationship with ice cream in all its forms. I am genuinely happy that you stopped by! Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to e-mail us at to collaborate, exchange ideas or to simply introduce yourself! 


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Get a free download of a sneak peek into the first volume of The Authentic Womanand get 20% off when you purchase the book!

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