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Fill your days with things that light your heart on fire and implement systems that help you stay consistent, productive, and driven.


Does any of this sound familiar?

Your days seem to feel hard, lack purpose, and not align with what you deeply desire.

To live the life of your dreams feels way out of reach.

You wonder how the heck everyone stays so productive & driven in their dream pursuit.

You have yet to find the system that works for you.

You struggle to believe that you are worthy of the dreams in your heart.

This holds you back from living out your infinite potential. 

You long to find balance in your life.

You want to crush your goals & pursue your biggest dreams while not becoming completely burnt-out.

You are finally ready to ask for help and receive support.

Because you know that community will help you stay consistent.


 Did you raise your hand to any of the above?

Sista, you’re in the right place.


 I want you to take a moment to imagine a world where…

Your days are filled with things that light your heart on fire (in the best way possible).

This looks like doing meaningful work, feeling a sense of ease and clarity, having strong boundaries that serve you, and connecting with your heart on the daily. 

You are connected to yourself: body, mind, and soul.

You greet your days with a sense of confidence in your own skin, grace for the process, and boldness in your divine purpose and destiny. 

You are inspired, in touch with your creativity, and doing things that matter to you.

You wake up in the morning with a fiery passion in your belly and a deep sense of fulfillment in your heart because you are showing up for the things that matter most to you each day. And it feels so dang good.

YOU believe that you are worthy of everything that you deeply desire.

You know that your dreams are inside of you for a divine reason. Because you believe in your unwavering worth, you regularly take bold action towards making your dreams a reality. 

Get this, my dear - You can have all of this simply by creating a sacred space in your routine to connect with your heart, uncover your deep desires, and take a small action each day towards the life that makes you come alive.


 I want to introduce you to

The Awakening Membership


The Awakening Membership is a sacred space for you to…


1. Connect with Your Heart

2. Acknowledge your Desires

3. Create a life that makes you come alive.


This space is for you if you’re ready to boldly claim your self-worth, create the life you’ve always craved, and implement systems into your routine that will help you stay consistent, productive, and driven.


The Authentic Woman is a fierce revolution with Ashton Smith as our gracious, wholehearted leader.  Ashton's words always speak straight to your soul.  Here, you are not only accepted - but celebrated in being exactly who you are.  The Authentic Woman empowers you to blossom in this world.  Even more so, you expand knowing it's alongside so many other powerful, beautiful, courageous women.  You'll never be alone again with The Authentic Woman.



I don’t know how or why, but when I found The Authentic Woman, I dove deep into a tornado of rediscovery! I began dealing with emotions that had been hidden for so long, and I had a new and more powerful love and passion for my life and future! I am so thankful to have come across a platform that so much wants you to discover the person you are, to help you reach the confidence you’ve always dreamt of, while letting you know how amazing and powerful you are everyday!


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Want a PeEk Inside?

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The Framework

The Awakening Framework includes the comprehensive system for envisioning, creating, and living the life you crave - both in building up your business and in your personal life. It will show you proven systems that will boost your productivity, consistency, and drive in your business while also maintaining work/life balance and prioritizing deep self-care.

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Weekly Pep Talks:

Each Monday morning, a brand new pep-talk will be released where Ashton will create a sacred space for you to be inspired, motivated, and reminded of your divine purpose. Think grounding, intention setting, meditation style with an actionable weekly challenge.

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Monthly Guided Journals:

You will get access to a brand new guided journal at the start of each month that will lead you to cultivate the practice of listening to your heart, receiving clarity, and uncovering the magic within.

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Access to the Private Facebook Community:

Get access to the private Facebook group where the live sessions and connection-building happens. This space will be our hub for accountability, encouragement, and support throughout the journey.



Access to Every Digital Issue of The Authentic Woman:

Receive access to every single digital version of The Authentic Woman Interactive Series upon release (a $45 dollar value). These books will be sure to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to lead the life you deeply desire. Plus, did we mention FREE Shipping?

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