3 Ways to Get Unstuck - Experiencing Personal Growth in Every Season

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I like to think that I am constantly growing, even when I feel stuck. 

Even though it’s a cliché, describing my life as a roller coaster feels pretty accurate. Some seasons I fly really high, just to come tumbling down. Most of the time I ride it out somewhere in the middle. But as we all know, the lows are the worst, and when one bad thing happens, everything else seems to snowball behind it. 

I’ve had several seasons of life where I’ve felt low and couldn’t understand how to work my way back up. Even though I knew there were things I couldn’t change, whether it be depression, anxiety or just the rules of life, it was frustrating to feel as if I wasn’t progressing. Time is always moving and thus, so are we. Constantly searching, constantly scrolling, constantly thinking, constantly doing something. But I couldn’t understand why that amounted to nothing. Or so I thought. 

Looking back (and still honestly working myself up from a low), I realize that personal growth happens in every season, the high, the middle, and especially the low. For that to happen, however, I think there are a few of things we have to do.

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Three ways to keep growing in whatever season you’re currently in:

Accept where you’re at.

Life’s not fair. It never was, and it never will be. My dad’s been telling me that since I was five, anytime I would yell about various circumstances I had no control over. It wasn’t out of a mean spirit. Rather, it was forcing me to acknowledge that some things are just out of my control. Coming from a place of generalized anxiety, I like to have as much as possible in my control, but you can’t. Life’s just not fair. 

Accepting where you're at is a tough decision and a daily grappling point for your mind. Accepting where you’re at doesn’t mean settling or drastically changing everything. It’s just acknowledging how you got here, where you are, and how you feel about it. Understanding your feelings, especially the bad ones, is key to moving forward.

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Set goals for yourself.

I’m not talking about five-year plans, dream job plans, or even New Year’s resolutions. I’m talking about the little goals, things you can do on a weekly basis. If you’re dealing with depression, maybe it’s doing a little activity like getting some sunlight or practicing yoga. If you’re career oriented or in search of a job, it may be setting aside time to learn more about your industry. If you miss one of your hobbies, it may be designating some time towards it throughout the week. Set small goals that benefit your health and encourage personal growth, whether it be physical or mental. 

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One of my most treasured goals in my mental health is to be more creative. This past year has been a whirlwind. I’ve had four jobs, lived in three different places, graduated college, and tried to hang out with everyone at my own anxious expense. I ran out of time for everything. When I did have time, I found myself lying in bed consuming other people’s creative ideas. I’ve always been creative so finally taking time to write, draw, play music, paint, etc. has helped me a lot in my own headspace. It’s important to shut out the noise sometimes in order to experience growth, joy and contentment on our own. 

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Encourage and help others grow. 

Growth doesn’t come solely on your own. I can’t count the number of times my friends have picked me up when I was down or helped me to think differently when I was wrong. You are the primary catalyst for growth, but surrounding yourself with genuine, positive people is helpful in any situation. 

I encourage you, however, do not think of how these people can help you, but how you can help them. Everyone has their own battles. You never know what is happening behind their eyes and what has caused the pain in their life. Therefore, it’s so important to support people in their struggle. This can often be difficult to balance. It’s important to put positive energy out to those around you while finding balance and preserving your energy, rest and mental health. In the act of supporting others, we experience a tremendous amount of personal growth. 

The truth is, everything I am saying is relative. Every human being is different, and these are the things I have found to work for me. Even in my lows, by doing these little things, I have spurred personal growth, cultivated deep friendships, and made strides in my career.


The point is no matter where you are (ups, downs or anywhere in between), you are still moving. 

Whether you feel like you’re progressing or not, the little things you do propel your personal growth. It’s important to remember that and to acknowledge the small victories along the way. Whatever your ambitions, purpose, or goals are it’s essential to put yourself first. Take the time to reflect, tap into your creativity and embrace your current season. Resist comparison and know that no matter what bumps, walls or challenges arise along the way, you’re still moving. You’re still growing. And you are doing the absolute best you can.  

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How do you experience personal growth in every season? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

About the Author:

Megan Stitt is a young professional in the social media marketing industry. She graduated with a degree in fashion marketing and hopes to incorporate her love for creativity into her career. She loves to be a jack-of-all-trades, learning, doing, and creating in a number of projects. She has often battled with personal authenticity and is excited to be a part of a community that talks openly about their struggles and encourages each other. Find Megan over on her blog and Instagram!