5 Things Most Women are Thinking but Not Saying Out Loud 

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As women, we are often stuck in our heads. We quietly observe the world around us, the people online and what we see in the mirror. Our thoughts may venture down roads like “Wow, she has the perfect life. She owns her own business, travels the world and is happy ALL the time. Or why do I have acne? None of my friends do. Or I really need to lose some weight. Summer is coming up, and I’m in the worst shape I’ve ever been in. Why does my body look so different from everyone else? I’m so alone in this.” All of these thoughts are founded on attaining perfection, incomplete pictures and lies. 

Every negative feeling we experience originates from the same question, “Am I enough?” As human beings, we want to feel like who we are is enough. We want to belong. We want to be loved. And so often, it’s easy to feel isolated, alone and abnormal. We feel alone in our struggle because no one else is sharing theirs - especially online. We base our desires on attaining a life like someone else, yet what we are trying to attain is an incomplete picture. No one’s life is perfect. Perfection doesn’t even exist. 


We’ve got to break down the false expectations, incomplete pictures and lies. 

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Women, you are not alone. You are not isolated in any struggle you’re facing whether it’s finances, shame, health, insecurity, acne, relationships, work, fear, etc. Everyone is facing their own battle. Everyone has something they’re working on. So, in honor of spreading truth and eradicating unattainable standards (which is one of the most important things in our mission statement), we’re sharing five common thoughts most women have thought, are thinking or will think at some point. THEN we’re going to combat those lies with a truth. Let’s do it! 

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1| “My skin is so annoying - why can’t it look like the girl’s in magazines and on social media?” 

Whether it’s acne, dry patches, cellulite, excess hair or birthmarks, we’ve all got something going on with our skin. Did you read that? ALL of us. Yep, we’re in this together. We’ve bought into the lie that our skin doesn’t measure up because of edited images in magazines, filters used on social media (hey, I use them too!) and overanalyzing ourselves in the mirror. I get it, I’ve struggled with acne, and it totally makes you feel insecure. But do you know what? It proves that you’re a living, breathing human being. You’re not alone in that struggle. 


2| “I’m scared. Why does everyone else seem so confident and sure about life but me?” 

Life is full of risk, failure and victory. But honestly, most of it feels like it’s lived in the risk and failure. Am I right?! But do you know why that’s a beautiful thing? Because risk and failure actually teach us more than we could ever learn by the victory. Why? Because when we win, we party, we celebrate, we bask in the beauty of it all. But when we fail, we tend to ponder. And when we ponder, we learn. Girl, everyone is scared at some point, but that proves that you’re taking risk! And that shows that you’re living life to the fullest! 

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3| “Am I pretty? Even if my skin isn’t perfect, my body doesn’t meet the world’s expectations and I have cellulite?”

As women, we tend to think that there is something wrong with our body. Whether we can’t gain weight, we are too heavy set, have cellulite or oddly placed hairs, we nit-pick and point out every single “flaw.” We overanalyze our imperfections and compare ourselves to edited pictures and unattainable ideals. But you guys, what are imperfections anyways? I’m talking about imperfections concerning our bodies. By calling them imperfections, this implies that we’re measuring ourselves against the standard of perfection. And there is not a perfect body. Girl, rock what you’ve got! It’s beautiful… and you are totally not alone in your insecurity. We’ve all got them!  

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4| “What the heck am I supposed to do with my life? Discovering your purpose is WAY harder than everyone portrays.” 

Purpose is a life-long pursuit. I say this because we continue to grow, change and mature throughout our entire lifetime. This means that our purpose will also change (or at least take on different forms). Discovering direction and your ultimate purpose in life takes time. And hey, it’s not easy. I’m still discovering mine, and I thought I would have it figured out by now. (Don’t we all)?! Know that you’re not alone in the journey of discovering your purpose. And don’t worry, it’s there - you have one. It’s been buried in you since you were born, and soon, it will make its debut!

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5| “At the end of the day, with my face washed, hair up in a bun, sweats on, curled up in my bed with chocolate in hand… Am I enough?

It’s easy to feel like we have to strive to prove our worth - as if our value is some sort of question answered by how good our makeup looks, how curvy and fit we are, how much money we make or how many friends we have. It’s easy to fall into the trap of measuring our worth by outside factors, but the truth is that our value isn’t a question to be answered. It’s a fact that already is. You are valuable and worthy simply because of the breath in your lungs and the beating heart in your chest.


The ultimate truth is this: You are not alone. We are in this together. 

We are all facing our own battles, and that proves that we are living this life to the fullest. No matter what you accomplish in this life, how you look in the mirror or how many people follow you online, you are enough. Always and forever enough. 


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What’s one lie you’re facing right now and how are you combating it with truth? Leave a comment below. Let's support each other!