How to be a Catalyst for Positive Change & Our Word for the Year 

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Women, we are dreamers. We are beauty. Our inhale and exhale breathes fresh, beautiful life into hopeless places. Our dreams carry answers to the world’s complex problems. Our tender kindness eradicates hatred and makes room for love. Our minds hold great mysteries awaiting to be uncovered. We are beauty at our core - in the brave acts of faith we display, the kindness in our eyes and the hope in our soul. We are a force to be reckoned with. A beauty like no one has ever known.


We are women of INFLUENCE

We are world changers at the center of our being. Our DNA is composed of a substance powerful enough to change the world, to eradicate the darkness, and to spread light and positivity to the world around us. When we tap into the reality of who we are, the true identity and nature inside, and ditch every lie, insecurity and shameful thought trying to tie us down, we become a powerful influencer. We tap into the strength and beauty that has always been there - it’s only been awaiting our discovery and realization of its presence. 

There is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows her true identity. For when we discover our worth, value, strength and beauty, we step into a new dimension of ourselves. We step into the reality of who we have always been. And from this place we become a leader, a light spreader and an influencer. We have the capacity and ability to change the world. How? Through simply accessing what already lives inside of us. How freaking crazy is that?! 

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We are going to change the world by being an influencer for positive change! 

Our word for this year is influence. Our ultimate goal at The Authentic Woman is to empower women to live authentically as themselves in every area of life - to be free, brave and bold in their true identity. We want to serve the women before us and be a positive influence - encouraging women to live with purpose, be authentic to their true self, and be a catalyst for positive change. Whether it’s influencing one person or one thousand people, we are choosing to serve the ones in front of us. Because every life counts, every breath is valuable, and every heart is worthy. 

We want to rally women together to stand up, speak out and take action towards positively impacting the world. Whether it’s through encouraging a friend, getting vulnerable about an insecurity, curing a disease, or making the best cup of coffee in town, we want to spread light, love and positivity to people crying out for hope and truth. If you’re thinking, “How do I contribute? How can I positively affect the world? I don’t have anything valuable to contribute…” we are here to tell you that you have loads to contribute to this world! And to help you start this process, we are sharing three steps that will put you in the right direction. 

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1| Not only accept, but embrace who you are. 

Being a catalyst for positive change in the outside world begins in the inside world. What do I mean by this? Before we can positively impact other people, we have to be grounded in who we are. We have to step into the reality of our identity (like we mentioned previously). We have to relentlessly and continuously let go of the lies attempting to tie us down and step into the truth, the light and the beauty of who we are. 

Action tip! Instead of giving vague pointers, we want to give you guys measurable actions to take in order to apply this stuff to your life. For this step, grab a piece of paper (or open a blank document on your computer if you prefer), a pen, your favorite drink, light a candle and get comfy. Set the mood either with silence or refreshing music. Write down every lie, insecurity, or shameful thought you’ve been holding onto. Get real, honest, raw and vulnerable here. Next, I want you to get a new piece of paper and write down one positive trait to combat every single lie you previously wrote. Trash the lies and keep the truths you’ve written out. Declare at least one of these truths over yourself for one week straight and watch as the lies dissipate and the truth becomes evident. 


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2| Own your story, and bravely share it with the world. 

A vital component to positively impacting the world is bravely owning your story. Every intricacy, complexity, beautiful moment, failure and victory - they all count.This is easier said than done. It’s a process that occurs over our entire lifetime, but we do get better with practice. After owning your story, empower, encourage, and inspire others by sharing it openly. In the act of being vulnerable, we empower others to overcome their insecurity and step into true identity. How? By showing them that they’re not alone. 

Action tip! This one is simple. Share your story. Share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Maybe this looks like opening up to a friend, confiding in your sister, or blasting it on your favorite social media platform. Take the risk and get super vulnerable, raw and transparent. In the act of being real, you will empower others to own their story as well. 


3| Cheer other women on: verbally, virtually and any other way you can think of!

Let’s create a culture of empowerment over competition. When we choose to encourage our fellow females, we create a powerful environment where we are all free to live at our highest capacity. This means more impact. This leads to more positivity, light and love eradicating every lie, shameful thought and insecurity. We are so much more powerful, strong and beautiful when we stand together. 

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Action tip! Reach out to a fellow female that inspires you (whether it’s in person, over text or through social media) and encourage them. Tell them how much they’ve impacted you, how awesome they are doing or just simply tell them they’re beautiful. 

Let’s stand together, speak up and walk confidently in who we are. When we do this, we will illuminate strength and beauty into the world around us. 


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Comment below and share one way you are going to be a positive influence this week. Let’s cheer each other on!