10 Ways to Spread Positivity Today

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As a fellow millennial, I’m all about purpose. I mean, we live, breathe, sleep and eat this concept. In whatever our purpose is, we hope to create an impact, to inspire change, and to transform a facet of society. It’s what we were born to do. It’s hardwired into our being. 


Can you relate? 

I mean, whether five years old or thirty-five years old, we all seek a positive atmosphere - one that makes someone smile, inspires others to create, or simply empowers people to love themselves a little more. In a world where the news and media are predominantly negative, we long for a message that is up-lifting. We yearn for encouragement, inspiration, and ultimately positivity. 


Making positive change begins within ourselves. 

I mean, that makes sense, right? In order to spread light, positivity, encouragement, love, empowerment and kindness we have to possess these things. We have to be filled with them before we can share them with others. Before we can make huge impact we have to create small impact. We have to be willing to start small - within ourselves and those around us.

It doesn’t matter if we make a positive impact on one person today or 100 people today. Because every single life counts - every heart, every feeling, every hope - they all count. And what would happen if each of us made an effort to positively impact at least one other person every day? That would result in thousands of people being inspired, encouraged and empowered. So, this is all to say that small impact still counts - it’s needed and valued. 

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So, below I’m going to share ten ways you can spread positivity today. Join me in the quest of spreading light in this moment. Right now. Because every positive impact counts! 


10 Ways to Spread Positivity Today 


1 | Be a compliment-giver. Tell people how awesome they are! 

Compliments are so easy yet so impactful. All you have to do is say something kind. It doesn’t cost anything, it isn’t hard, and it has the potential to really make someone’s whole day. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a boost of confidence when someone compliments me. So, today when you have a positive thought about someone you encounter, whether about their clothes, hair, laugh, etc, tell them! It will make them so happy and appreciative. 


2 | Send a friend a virtual hug through text, e-mail, or a phone call. 

Life is busy. I totally get it. I mean, sometimes I barely find the time to call my grandparents (which I am working on)! But I know that when I make that phone call or send that text, it makes their entire day. So think of someone in your life that you miss, appreciate, or are simply thinking of and contact them via phone. 


3 | Spark a conversation with your waiter or grocery clerk. They will love it!

Have you ever bought something at a store and the only words shared were a surface level “Hello” and “Thank you?” We are all guilty of this. Lately my fiancé and I have been working on intentionally interacting with the people who serve us (like grocery store cashiers or waiters.) I noticed how people come alive when you genuinely care about them, their feelings and their day. Heck, some of these people have become our friends, and they know us by name! Next time you encounter someone that is serving you, be intentional about interacting with them. 


4 | Going through a drive through? You knew it was coming… Buy someone else’s meal or drink. 

Yeah, this one is an oldy but such a goody! I feel like it speaks for itself. I mean, who doesn’t love when their meal or drink is paid for by a stranger? It’s one of the best in the book. 


5 | Admiring someone else’s work on their blog or social media platforms? Direct message them and express your admiration. 

I can express first-hand the joy people experience when you leave a kind comment or message in their inbox. The more genuine the better here. Sometimes sharing content online can feel like dropping your most heart-felt feelings into a dark, deep hole in the ground. But when people express their appreciation and admiration of your work, it reminds you to keep going, to keep sharing, and to keep inspiring. Don’t hesitate sharing your love of someone’s work - I promise they will appreciate it! 


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6 | Tell one person in your life how thankful you are for them. They may already know, but I promise it will mean so much. 

Gratitude is one of the most rewarding practices. In the act of being thankful, we become a more positive, happier and fuller human being. Life is so short. Count your blessings and share with someone how much they mean to you. I promise they will feel so happy and grateful in return. 


7 | Use your online platform to share an inspiring story or thought. Be transparent, real and authentic! 

One of the easiest ways to inspire a larger number of people is by sharing positive content on your social media platforms. Have you recently learned something that may help someone else? Have you found an inspiring quote that may make someone’s day? Create a Facebook post or an Instagram story sharing your overcoming moment or something you may be struggling with. Transparency is key here! People relate to people who are real, vulnerable and authentic. 


8 | Give a stranger a high-five or a simple “Hey, hope you have a great day today!”

Yeah, it may feel awkward at first, but talking to strangers not only builds your confidence but also makes them feel noticed, valuable and worthy. Tell someone that you hope they have a great day today. Who knows, maybe it sets them up for an amazing day! 


9 | Leave an anonymous note for someone - a co-worker, cashier, or a random stranger. 

I may be partial here, but written letters are just the best! Is your co-worker having a rough time, does your cashier need a positive reminder, or do you want to express how awesome someone is? Write a quick letter, heck it could even be on a post-it note. Whether short or long, anything counts here! 


10 | SMILE - like smile so much so that your jaw hurts. 

Don’t hate me for being cheesy. You know you love it (and if not, I’m sorry - haha). One thing that makes people happy is a simple smile. Smile at every person you encounter today. It’s one of the easiest and most efficient ways to spread positivity. 


Small action breeds great results.

That’s why I love thinking of easy ways to spread positivity because that small action has the potential to change someone’s day - for the better! We have the opportunity every single day to spread love, kindness and encouragement. So, let’s make an effort this week to do just that - intentionally inspire, encourage and up-lift other people. 


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What’s one action you are going to take today to positively impact someone else’s life?