8 Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Body-Image

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Because our body is a part of who we are, we have to learn how to love it. 

As a girl in her early twenties, I’ve experienced both negative body image and positive body image. Yes, it fluctuates just as our life fluctuates in different seasons. I’ve had moments where I had plans with a friend but didn’t even want to leave the house because I didn’t feel confident in my own body - *queue a crying meltdown. I’ve also had times where I felt so confident that I wanted to throw on my favorite dress and boots and do an hour-long photoshoot. What I’ve learned is that balance is key - it’s knowing that even in your insecure moment, your beauty doesn’t change. It isn’t questioned. It isn’t taken away. 


The way we feel about our body affects so many facets of our life. 

Think about it… The way we feel about our body is directly related to our self-esteem, confidence, insecurity, bravery, etc. Since our body-image is directly correlated with our self-esteem, I’d say it’s pretty important we have a positive body-image. It’s imperative that we walk confidently in our body, admire its strength and resist any suggestion that it is anything less than beautiful. 


Our body is only a part of who we are, but as women, sometimes it’s all we can see. In a digital age that puts certain women on a pedestal for all to see, sometimes we can get lost amongst the noise. We begin to buy into the lie that our body needs to meet the standards suggested by the media - the lie that says we aren’t beautiful if we don’t look a certain way… act a certain way… or have certain things. But do you want to know what I think? I think that’s like banning strawberry ice cream because it doesn’t look like a chocolate chip cookie - absolutely preposterous! (My passion for sweets may be a little too over the top).

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What language are you using towards yourself? 

The way we talk to ourself and the way we think about ourself drastically impacts our body image. This is why positive affirmations are like the holy-grail for confidence in insecure moments. You’re essentially brainwashing yourself to be confident - yeah it sounded weird after I said it, but you get the point. Let’s tackle our insecurities and conquer doubt and negative body-image together. Here’s 8 positive affirmations for you… 


1| My body is a part of who I am, but it isn’t everything ~ Molly Ho

This quote from my friend in The Authentic Woman: Beauty Unleashed was just way too good for me not to include it. As women, we are often defined by one thing - our appearance. And even further than our overall appearance, we are defined by our body - it’s shape, size, color, and texture. But what would happen if we realized that we are so much more than our body? There is power in knowing that our identity is more than appearance - it’s found much deeper than the surface. 


2| My beauty is not a question to be answered. It’s a fact that already is. 

Why do we question our beauty? Why are we looking everywhere around us to define something that already is within us? When we realize that beauty is inherently ours, we can let go of insecurity and comparison. Beauty is found in a human life - not in the way our body looks. 

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3| I am not defined by anyone else but myself. And I say that I am beautiful. 

When we stop looking to find our worth, value and beauty from everyone and everything around us, we can take back our voice - our ability to define who we are. We can speak positively and affirmatively over ourselves on a daily basis and watch our confidence grow. There will always be a new standard and ideal to live up to, but true beauty is timeless… ~Bria Nycole


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4| My beauty is not defined by the excess or lack thereof in another person. 

In our culture, comparison amongst women is almost gratified. We are constantly viewing images, reading articles, and consuming content that suggests we need to look like one woman - i.e. the woman the media suggests is the most beautiful. When we stop feeling inferior in response to another person’s beauty, we grasp the power to embrace our inherent beauty aside from cultural ideals and standards. 


5| I love the shape, size, color and texture of my body - each of these make me unique. 

What would art be without shape, size, color and texture? It would be a giant blob of boring! Yeah, it sounds cliche, but our differences really do make us beautiful. They contribute towards who we are as a person and make us stand out. They are to be embraced not resisted or changed! 


6| I am confident in my own skin because my body carries me in strength and beauty. 

We are more than our bodies… and in the same sense, our bodies are so much more than what they appear. They aren’t bound to shape, color and size - our bodies enable us to see the world around us, hike the tallest mountain, and experience delicious food. They carry us in strength and beauty and enable us to experience the fullness of life. 

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7| I bravely embrace every intricacy of my body - every curve and indentation. 

We are told to decrease in size, cover our imperfect skin, and hide any wrinkles or cellulite. But here’s a truth for you: every woman struggles with one of these things. It’s a part of life and a part of being human! So don’t beat yourself up for falling into one of these categories - own it! Own every single intricacy of your body - because all of it makes you, you!


8| My identity is beauty. 

Ultimately, beauty is our identity. It isn’t a question, measurement or suggestion. It is found in the fact that we are inhaling and exhaling breath. It’s in our bravery to take risk. It’s in our smile. The way we fearlessly embrace life’s challenges. And the kindness we extend to someone in need. It isn’t our body - it’s our identity. 

Let’s work on declaring these things over ourselves together… 

Because what exists our mouth lives in our hearts. And when we can take control over how we think and speak about ourselves, we can walk confidently in our authentic identity. We have the ability to walk in boldness, bravery and confidence every single day. We’ve totally got this! 


It’s time to embrace yourself body, mind, and soul with OPEN arms. No more negative self-talk, body insecurity, and self-doubt. Download our FREE e-book, EMBRACE, and start taking action towards releasing the doubt and claiming your truth today.


What are some of your favorite positive affirmations? Leave your suggestions below. I always love hearing from you guys!