8 Ways to Live Your Most Purposeful Year Yet 

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At the end of one thing comes an awakening of another. 

At the end of the year, we find ourselves anticipating the next. Yes, it’s bittersweet, but it’s full of hope, possibility and opportunity. We suddenly see ideas surfacing. We feel a sense of refreshing possibility on the horizon. There’s something about a clean slate - the feeling of starting fresh, renewed and rekindled. Because the dying of one season means that it is an awakening of another. 

We get our pen and paper, coffee or tea and brainstorm the year ahead. Plans, to-do lists, goal setting, creative ideas. The possibilities are endless. Maybe we feel like we need to make up for lost time. Maybe we feel like the creative ideas just can’t be contained anymore. Maybe our passion to impact society is rekindled with a stronger fury than before. Maybe we are seeking ways to live out our purpose to its highest capacity in the year ahead. 

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If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s our desire to live a purposeful life. 

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We don’t want to just go through the motions. We want to live with purpose. Even further than that, we want our purpose to somehow affect society at large. Because purpose is so much bigger than our talents and leisurely activities. Purpose is a concept much vaster than that. Why? Because purpose is directly correlated with changing the world - helping people - shifting culture. Purpose is discovered when we align our strengths and talents in order to meet a need in society.

This doesn’t mean that you have to find the cure for cancer in order to live a purposeful life (although that is someone’s purpose in the world). Your purpose may be to inspire, encourage or uplift. It might be challenging injustice, being emotional support for victims of abuse or giving people the best cup of coffee in town. Your purpose should not only bring you joy, but it should positively impact someone else in society. 

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So, what are some practical ways we can live with purpose this year? Let’s dive into some practical strategies and steps we can take in order to live our most purposeful year yet! 


8 Steps to Ensure that you live with purpose this year:


1| Acknowledge your accomplishments - Yes, big and small!

Living with purpose and planning out your year should be fun, exciting and positive! Yeah, there’s always going to be those things we wish we got done, did better or thought of before now. On the other hand, there’s also SO many amazing, impactful and great things we have already accomplished. It’s important to intentionally reflect on things that we’ve accomplished, ways that we’ve grown as a person and aspects of our lives that have improved. Give yourself credit, and be proud of every single thing you’ve accomplished! Because big and small accomplishments are both worth recognizing.


2| Create an “I am” statement. Who are you really?

The first step towards living with purpose is defining who you are as a person. Because if we don’t know who we are, then there’s no way we can live out our purpose to its highest capacity. So sit down with pen and paper, turn on some music and reflect. Who are you? What are you defined by? What are your strengths? What are your passions? Hint: this list should be positive. Because who you are is absolutely amazing!


3| Evaluate what’s working and what’s not

As we look back on the previous year, let’s learn from our mistakes, failures and detours! The purpose of this process is NOT to create shame or regret. The purpose of this exercise is to learn what strategies we should implement going forward and what strategies we may want to re-construct or let go of. We can reap tremendous value from reflecting on the past so let’s take advantage of that!


4| Let go of something in order to move forward.

In order to move forward full of confidence, new ideas and inspiration, we have to let go of anything that may be holding us back. Evaluate your life and recognize anything that may be holding you back. Are you afraid to take risk? Do you feel insecure about pricing your work? Do you feel scared to share your creative expressions with the world? Acknowledge the way you feel. Get to the root, and then let it go. For this process, I recommend getting out a sheet of paper and physically writing down the things you are letting go this year! 


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5| What fires you up? What do you want to change in the world

Our purpose is that thing that inspires us, makes us angry, fires us up and pushes us to just keep going. Let’s get fired up together. Let’s remember our “why.” Let’s dig deep and examine what drives us. Do you have a heart for teaching underprivileged kids? Do you want to spread positivity and inspiration to the insecure and doubtful? Do you want to help people create a successful business from home? Examine your passions and remember  your “why” behind what you do. It will be the fuel that pushes you forward. 


6| Make sure you prioritize “me time” into your schedule. 

Living a purposeful life is directly linked to helping people and changing society, BUT it is also linked to living happily, freely and joyfully. This requires that we take time to do things that we enjoy in the midst of our work. Do you enjoy taking a walk in nature, journaling in a coffee shop or curling up with your favorite book in bed? Take time to do things that you enjoy. In this process, you will become refreshed and sustain the motivation and inspiration to continue creating and living with purpose. 


7| Shut out any noise that causes comparison to surface

Social media has a bad reputation for being distracting and birthing comparison. But social media also has a reputation for inspiring and motivating people. It has the potential to give us new, fresh and creative ideas. Let’s find a balance between consuming content and creating our own content. When you feel comparison or pressure creep in, take a step away from social media. Be sure to take time to create without any noise distracting you. 


8| Set grace-filled goals. The key word here is grace

Be sure to set measurable goals for yourself this year. Write them down. Track your progress. Evaluate what’s working and what’s not. But be sure to set grace-filled goals. You know, the kind of goals that are meaningful and effective but also leave room for grace in the process. Remember that life is full of risk, failure and success. It’s a balance of all three. Be sure to have grace for your journey - your process - your purpose. Because no one can be perfect! Like Laura Casey says, “Progress over perfection!” 


Are you ready to live your most purposeful year yet? I know I am. Remember that you are absolutely equipped, powerful, amazing, talented and beautiful. You have everything necessary to kick butt this year - the strength is inside you already! 


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