10 Self Care Ideas - A Guide to Avoiding Valentine’s Day Blues

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As women, it’s imperative that we learn to love ourselves well. 

It’s easy to place all of the pressure on outside sources to make us happy. “When I find a guy who loves me, then I’ll feel accepted. When I have a best friend that supports me, then I’ll feel like I belong. When I get to have my dream job, then I’ll be successful. When I have ten thousand followers on Instagram, then I’ll be important.” The problem with all of these statements and aspirations is that they are founded on a weak foundation. They are founded on the premise that only our circumstances can make us happy. But the truth is that we have to make ourselves happy first before anyone else can.

When we rely on other people, business endeavors, and money to make us happy, we choose to live in a state of striving. We will never feel good enough because there is always another goal to reach, another dream to attain and another part of our purpose to fulfill. But when we choose to define who we are, when we learn to love ourselves first, and when we define success for ourselves, this is the moment we replace striving with peace. This is the moment when we accept ourselves and create a strong foundation for deeper relationships, living out our purpose and making strides towards success. 

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Self-care is no joke. It’s not just a fad. It’s real, and we need to make time for it. 

Taking care of ourselves, cultivating a relationship with ourselves and most importantly accepting ourselves is vital if we ever want to find love, live out our purpose and attain success (and when I say success, I am not confining it to money. It’s living our best and fullest life). So, in honor of loving ourselves well and avoiding Valentine’s Day blues, I’m sharing ten self-care ideas with you! If you find yourself in the dumps about your circumstances (whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not), try implementing some of these practices into your routine. 


10 Self-Care Ideas. Let’s avoid Valentine’s Day blues together! 


1| Take yourself on a coffee date. (If you don’t like coffee, then tea. But I don’t know if we can be friends. JK). 

I don’t know about you, but coffee shops just make me happy. The smell, aesthetic, sounds, people and cute little mugs (I mean, who doesn’t love a warm cup of coffee with some fun latte art?). I always look forward to coffee dates with friends. So, why not have one with yourself? Buy yourself a fancy looking coffee, read a book or write in your journal. You’ll feel super special. 


2| Put on your favorite music album or podcast and get to walking!

Exercise does wonders for our mental health. Pick a spot that you particularly love (for me, it would be any park with woodsy areas. The trees just get me, you guys.), and go for a leisurely stroll. This isn’t intended to be a workout. It’s intended to be a little getaway for you. Take some time to clear your head, get lost in your favorite album or get motivated by your favorite podcast. 


3| Get strategic. Plan a date night with yourself (literally, write it in your planner).

Girl, prioritize this time with yourself! It’s so easy to put ourselves at the bottom of our list behind friends, events, significant others, family, etc. Light a candle, take a bubble bath, watch your favorite Youtube channel, put on a face-mask and RELAX. We all need to sometimes. 


4| Use an artistic medium to vent, get creative and be inspired. 

Whatever your favorite artistic medium is, implement it into your self-care routine. Whether you like painting, writing, drawing, singing or playing an instrument, take time to cultivate that hobby. It’s not about creating something perfect. It’s about doing something that refreshes your mind and gets your creative juices flowing! 

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5| Go on a movie date with yourself. If it’s too weird to actually GO to the movies, then put one on at your house! 

It’s nice to get swept up in a movie every once and a while. Whether you need a good romantic comedy, chick-flick, or action movie, just pick one and get lost in it! And never, I repeat never, forget the popcorn. It completes every movie experience. Am I right, or am I right?! 

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6| Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your favorite color. 

Flowers just make everyone happy (unless you’re not everyone. I’m so sorry, but you’re missing out). Go to the local florist, farmer’s market or grocery store and treat yourself to some beautiful flowers. They’ll brighten up your space and make you feel happy every time you see them. 


7| Chocolate. Enough said.

Girl, go grab your favorite bar of chocolate. It will solve all your problems. 


8| Grab a fuzzy blanket, get cozy and read a book. (If you’re not much for reading, try listening to a podcast). 

There’s something about cuddling up in bed with a great book. Rather than reading a book focused on learning something (whether it’s for business, self help, schooling, etc.), read something that brings you joy. It should be fun! 

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9| De-clutter. It may sound like a chore, but it’s SO refreshing when you’re done. 

Okay, I could be partial to this one because I’m a neat-freak, but I’m sharing it regardless. Take time to de-clutter your space. Put on your favorite tunes, throw out any trash, perhaps rearrange, and finish the space off with the beautiful flowers you bought yourself! You’ll feel so relieved afterward. 


10| Have a freaking dance party! Don’t worry, I won’t judge you (I’m doing a little one of my own as I type this - cause why not?!)

Access your inner-child every once and a while. Whether it’s in your car on the way to work, in your closet while you’re getting ready or in celebration of finishing a project, DANCE. I got this idea from Arielle Estoria - she does Friday dance stories over on her Instagram, and they always make me so happy! 


Ultimately, prioritize yourself. Take time to love yourself well because this will create a strong foundation for the other relationships in your life. You deserve to be loved, accepted and spoiled (even by yourself)! 


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What are some self-care ideas you have? We would love to hear them! Drop them in the comment section below!