How to Embrace Change - A Lesson We Can Learn from Fall

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There is beauty in transition.

Although often written off as uncomfortable and given a negative connotation, transition is actually meant to serve us. Transition is the place that carries us from where we are now to where we want to be. It’s the place that carries us to a higher level - a new, eagle’s-eye view of the world around us. It is meant to awaken the possibility, hope and opportunity within us. 

Any time we experience change, discomfort is present. It shows up because we are going to experience something that we never have before - but do you know what else accompanies the discomfort? Excitement. Growth. Improvement. Transition stretches us, challenges our thoughts, and encourages us to think bigger, wider, vaster. 

We can let the discomfort hold us back or allow hope to propel us forward.

Transition is altogether uncomfortable, exciting, messy and beautiful. We have the choice to resist transition in our life because we fear the discomfort. But we can also channel the hope that accompanies transition and choose to embrace the season of change. Fall teaches us this lesson the best - transition is absolutely, utterly, and fiercely beautiful. 


Yes, fall does represent the dying of one season. But it also represents the awakening of a new one. Even as the trees wilt away, they stunningly do so. Fiery hues, new textures and stunning views cause our eyes to swoon and awe over the season. 

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The entirety of your life cannot be lived out on the valley floor.

If our life was only walked out in the valleys, where there is even ground, where we can see all around us, where we feel comfortable, then we’d never experience the expansion and growth that occurs along the hike up the mountain. We’d never make our way to the mountain tops - where we see wider, vaster, bigger. We would never access our full potential because we are living in the comfort of certainty and safety. 

If we resist change, our lives are essentially lacking fullness. We are resisting personal growth that will allow us to live out our purpose to the absolute fullest. But if we embrace the transition and change then we allow ourselves to be molded and sculpted through the journey. We access hidden gems buried deep below and unveil the possibilities within us. 


“The only constant thing in life is change.” 

We’ve got to learn how to cope with it. Even further, we have to learn how to embrace it. We have to create a new relationship with transition in order to condition ourselves to get the full benefit out of the process. Here’s a few ways you can embrace the transition in your life. 


1) Create a new perspective around transition

Transition is meant to serve us. Instead of associating transition with fear and discomfort, associate it with growth and opportunity. Change your outlook to feel hopeful in transition rather than scared. Transition allows us to grow and evolve into the next dimension of ourselves. But we have to give it the permission to do so. 


2) Fail. And then get up.

Transition is often produced out of failure, but if not, then failure is most often experienced throughout the transition. But failure isn’t to be feared because failure proves that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. It means that you’ve taken risk, you’ve had faith. Look failure in the eye, observe it, and learn from it. Failure is a lesson. It’s not the end of the story.


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3) Take it one step at a time

In the midst of change, we can become skewed. We can get scattered and essentially overwhelmed. Instead of tackling 50 things at once, approach change one step at a time. Choose a focus point, and allow yourself to adjust to the transition one step at a time. Because trying to do all of it at once will not only be stressful but ineffective. 

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Allow yourself to experience transition fully. Embrace the seasons where you are taking steps towards a new beginning. Allow yourself to awaken to the new, inhale and exhale. Transition is carrying you towards further success - closer to your purpose - to a full, free life. 



Cool air on my skin

Golden hour before my eyes

Leaves crunching beneath my feet

As I observe the transition 


From florescent to muted

Dry heat to a refreshing breeze

Breath is returned to my lungs

As I breathe deeper, fuller


Because at the end of one season

There is another to make its debut

And in the dying of one thing

Comes the awakening of another


An awakening of fiery color

Scents and sounds revisit 

They remind us that change is to be embraced

Transition is not to be feared


Because how sad would it be

If fall ceased to exist out of discomfort

We would be denied the fiery hues 

That carry summer into winter


It is the dying of one thing

And an awakening of another

We are not mindless bystanders

But we open up our eyes 


Wide-eyed, standing tall

We gaze up and around

Breathing deep, exhaling fully

In the transition, we are awakening


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