From Consuming to Creating - Getting Your Creative Ideas Into the World

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What are you creating? 

Did you know that roughly 10% of the US population are creators while the remaining 90% are consumers? Most people spend all of their time consuming content and never get around to creating anything. How crazy is this statistic? How crazy is it that we are constantly consuming such an enormous amount of content, but it’s created by such a small percentage of people? 

So, I ask the question again: What are you creating? Whether it’s a painting or a tweet, are you channeling your creativity in some way? Because each of us carry creativity at our core - we may not all be artists, but we are each creatives. We have unique ideas that have the potential to create change or to simply inspire. We each have the capacity to create and innovate - to present something uniquely valuable and thought-provoking to the world. 

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Creating something doesn’t necessarily have to be for the world - it can be for yourself.


 The idea of expressing yourself through creating something and then sharing it with the world may seem daunting at first. Because creating something - really anything - is an act of vulnerability. When we create, it comes from the deep places within us. It’s pretty personal. So, to share this expression with the whole world is scary. But creating doesn’t have to be for anyone else but yourself. It can be simply for the purpose of enjoyment and relaxation. 

Whether it’s shared with the world or kept to yourself, creating is still imperative. It’s important that we are using our creative muscles in order to express ourselves - because we were never meant to just consume, consume, consume… all day, every day. We were meant to be innovative and create unique things that others don't have the ability to create. Because you carry ideas that no other human being carries. 


The most important part is taking the first step.

Fun fact: Altogether Beautiful, this blog you’re currently reading, was envisioned at least 2 years prior to its creation. I wrestled with the idea. “What’s my direction, my vision, my niche? Will people vibe with what I have to say?” I mean, when you create a blog and write from your heart, you’re putting deep emotions and ideas on the internet for everyone to see. It’s definitely a daunting feeling. And yeah, I was scared

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No, my blog still isn’t exactly where I want it to be - it needs to be optimized, I need to implement more tools, and I would love to change some aspects of the layout, but the first step is the most important. Putting action behind an idea is the most powerful part in the process. Because so many people leave their creative ideas in the cob webs of their mind, awaiting the “right time” or to reach some level of “perfection.” Well, *newsflash* perfection doesn’t exist, and waiting to reach this imaginary standard results in creative ideas never being expressed to the world. 


Often times, what scares us is directly linked to our destiny and purpose.

Think about it. We are afraid because we care. When we creatively express ourselves, we are risking failure and rejection. But imagine what would happen if Steve Jobs said “I don’t know if people will like the iPhone. What if I spend all this time and money on something that no one cares about?” We would’ve missed out on a revolution. I mean, most people look at you weird nowadays if you don’t own an iPhone. 

The reality is that Steve Jobs had this amazing idea. But what made the difference was his passion, drive and determination to present it to the world. He wanted people to feel a personal connection to their phone - something that wasn’t discussed prior to the iPhone. Part of his purpose was expanding an entire market… And creating a revolution. 


What would happen if you chose to create?

Maybe you would inspire someone. Maybe you would feel a sense of joy and purpose. Perhaps you would start a movement. Perhaps you would change the course of history. Whatever the result, big or small, the act of creating is powerful and full of purpose. It’s something we were designed to experience and perhaps even share with the world. 

So, I want to leave you with a few tips in your creative process… 


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1| Just do it. 

The first step is when you take an idea and follow it with action. If you’ve been dreaming of a sketch or thinking about a new business strategy, sit down and just do it. Actually draw the sketch or write out the strategy. Get the idea out of your head and into the world. 


2| Forget about perfection. 

I see you. With all your great ideas. Keeping all those amazing, creative concepts to yourself because you want them to be perfect before sharing. We’ve got to let go of the idea of perfection. If we are meant to grow, learn and expand as human beings, we have to give our creative ideas the ability to do so as well. I heard this quote recently: “If you can look back at the first thing you ever released (*insert whatever verb that applies: written, painted, etc.) and not be embarrassed by it, then you released it too late. This is not to say that we shouldn’t aim for excellence, but it is to say that we shouldn’t be bound by “perfection.” 


3| Share it with someone.

Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or a company, it’s important that we share our creative progress with someone else - even if it’s for the purpose of enjoyment. Creativity is given the opportunity to expand when we share it with others because an idea’s full potential is often reached in collaboration. When we share our work, we take steps towards having a positive impact on the world and also inspiring others along the way. 


We are each creative, and when we choose to create, we grow. 

Creativity isn’t just for the artists and musicians. It’s in every single one of us - the entrepreneurs, writers, moms, students and teachers. We have to stop consuming for long enough to actually create. Because we are each unique and carry the ability to create something of value that has the ability to impact the world. 


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What are you creating this week? Are you writing, creating a new business strategy or painting? Leave your answers below!