How to Overcome Fear in Order to Step Into Your Purpose

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A life without risk is a life not fully lived

Fear has a way of crippling us - making us stay in one place while there is a whole world of opportunity awaiting us. Fear suggests that it’s better to play it safe than to fail. It provokes thoughts that suggest that we don’t have what it takes, we don’t compare to another person doing the same thing and we are essentially better off staying in our comfort zone. But haven’t you ever heard the saying “life begins at the end of your comfort zone?” This is the place where we begin to live a full life - one filled with adventure, failure, risk, laughter, sadness, fulfillment and purpose. 

We will never know what we are capable of unless we step into the unknown. When we leave our safe space, the place beyond our comfort zone, we get to see what we are really made of. We get to look failure and trial directly in the eyes - full of bravery, determination, passion and perseverance. We get to show the world what we are made of - beyond the comfort of certainty.


You can let fear cripple you or you can let it fuel you


Fear rests in the space of the unknown - the place between certainty and possibility. It's is where the risk takes place - where trial resides and uncertainty rests. But it’s also where excitement screams and opportunity dances. What would happen if you didn’t just peer over the ledge but you jumped off - wide eyed? What would happen if fear didn’t tie you down, but it provoked you to see what was on the other side? 

When we are excited by the adventure, possibility and uncertainty, fear becomes fuel rather than a hindrance. When we truly want to see what we are made of, what life really has to offer, what we can do when we ditch fear, this is when we take some serious risk that may result in one of the most rewarding opportunities of our entire life. 

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Fear is directly correlated with our belief or disbelief in our worth

It’s very normal to experience fear, and it is actually healthy. This proves that we are taking risk and living life to its fullest. But we need to acknowledge what our fear is rooted in. Often times, our fear can be rooted in the disbelief of our own worth. We somehow feel that our worth is directly tied to our failure. Like if we fail, then we are somehow worth less. Because we’ve shown the world that we are “imperfect.” 

But when we know in the depths of our being that we are worthy and valuable, fear becomes a bump in the road rather than a brick wall. When we treat fear as an opportunity to take risk - in relationship, in our career, in our schooling - then we get to use it as a positive fuel to propel us further along in life. When we are so grounded in our identity as worthy and valued, failure, doubt, weakness, shortcomings or another person’s journey can’t tear us from this realization. Because we know who we our. Our identity is rooted and grounded inside of us.

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Have you been allowing fear to cripple you? Have you been standing still in your comfort zone? Here’s a few tips to help you kick fear in the butt and step out of your comfort zone…


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1 | Take Action! Do Something.

All of us have dreams, aspirations and future plans. So it’s likely that you know of one thing that you have been putting off. Is it diving into a new friendship? Is it leaving your 9-5 in order to work on your business full time? Is it getting vulnerable with your partner? Is it taking a trip outside of the country? Whatever it may be, take some type of action towards your dream THIS WEEK. Do something that is going to get you closer to the thing that scares you the most. Because more than likely, it’s scary because what lies on the other side is so rewarding. 


2 | Learn from Failure - Because it Will Happen

Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of the trial. It’s in this space that you are molded and sculpted as person. This is where the experience is created. Failure isn’t the end of your story. It’s a lesson in the middle that is going to propel you towards further success in life. So, when you experience failure along the way (because it is totally inevitable), don’t get discouraged. Don’t beat yourself up. Take a look at the failure, observe it, acknowledge it. Take away a valuable lesson from it. Learn from it. 


3 | Take it One Day at a Time - It’s not a Sprint

Overcoming our fear requires bravery, persistence, determination and time. Reaching our goals, achieving our dreams, and living out our purpose requires the same. Although social media may suggest that success happens overnight, it’s just not true. Everyone is running their own marathon. Steve Jobs once said “If you look closely, most overnight success took a long time.” It’s about the small steps we take today. The items we check off our to-do list. The little actions we take this week. Every single one counts. Because small steps lead us to the end of the finish line. 

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The reward of risk is so much greater than the fear of failure. 

We have to know our value, seek out risk, and take huge leaps of faith. We have to fail again and again, and unapologetically be imperfect. This is where we learn, this is where we thrive, and it’s where we grow into the next dimension of who we are supposed to be. Fear isn’t so scary when we look it directly in the eye and say “You don't cripple me. You fuel me.”


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