How To Find Patience in the Pursuit of Your Dream


When we discover our passion, it’s easy to become impatient.

We look at our current job, situation, or scenario and our dream may seem so far off and even impossible. Dream chasing is a tireless pursuit, one which seems to never end. Because once we achieve one dream, we are already envisioning the next.

We were designed to be dreamers, visionaries and creatives.

Dreaming is full of hope that is meant to carry us towards action which shapes our reality. If you have a dream, big or small, keep going. Don’t look at the failures, the amount of time it’s taking, or compare your situation to another. Find hope in the simple fact that your dream lives inside of you for a purpose. If you are still on the path to discovering your purpose, you might like my free e-book, DISCOVER

Try putting these few things into practice as you chase your dream. 

Make time for Your Passion

In the seasons where your income doesn’t come from something you are passionate about, make time to cultivate your passions. Whether it be late nights, mornings or weekends, intentionally set aside time for your passions. Not only does this time allow you to grow in your craft, but it will continue to rekindle the spark. Stay persistent, determined, and excited, and designate any extra time you can to improving your skill. 

Learn as Much as You Can

Invest in books, podcasts, e-books, articles, and get advice from others. In addition to resources specifically targeted towards your passion, seek to learn from the current job you have. Whether you have an office job, you're a stay at home mom, or a grocery store clerk, you can learn things now that will also apply to what you seek to do in the future. Be curious, remain teachable, and seek to learn something new every day. 

Dream with Friends

Take time to meet up and dream with your close friends and family. They may have great feedback, ideas or advice for you along the way. In addition to building ideas together, this interaction will encourage and re-inspire you when you're feeling discouraged. Two is better than one, and ideas flourish in community.

Celebrate Your Victories

Make small goals for yourself along the way. Small achievements bring great success. It's important to pace yourself along the way. Steve Jobs once said, “if you look closely, most overnight success took a long time.” Celebrate all of the achievements, growth and lessons learned. Acknowledge your victories big and small.


What steps do you take in order to stay patient in your dream pursuit? Comment below!


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