23 Things I've Learned in 23 Years



This is the emotion I feel as I cross the finish line of “22” into a new year. I can’t help but reminisce the years past and have a heart overwhelming in thanks. Life always seems easier written on paper, acted out in a movie, sung in a song, and captured in a photo. But life is filled with moments, and not all of them are grand. Life is about growth and expansion. Both of these require pressure, and pressure isn’t comfortable. We have to reflect, learn and grow.

So, here are 23 things I have learned in my growth. 

1. Life is short. Make an effort to be truly present in each moment. 

2. Nature is a source of inspiration and peace. Spend more time in it.

3. Some friends won’t be in your life forever. Time passes and people change. This isn’t a bad thing. 

4. Not everyone’s opinion matters. Seek advice and opinions from those who know your heart. 

5. Food isn’t your enemy. Learn to enjoy it in moderation. 

6. You are creative (whether you are an artist or not). These two terms are not synonymous. 

7. Reading books sparks inspiration and creativity. Make a point to read more. 

8. There is beauty in spontaneity. Find freedom in the unplanned every once in a while. 

9. Visiting a museum is a great use of your time. The history, art, and culture will surely inspire you. 

10. Dreaming is refreshing. Write down your dreams and look back at them often. You’d be surprised how many come to pass. 

11. Family is important. Spend time with them, forgive them, and love them.

12. Comparison kills authenticity. Be you because no one else can, and you’re amazing. Read more about embracing your most authentic form in my free mini e-book, EMBRACE

13. Pictures are important. Take tons of them. Reminisce. 

14. Coffee is good. If you don’t like it now, you’ll grow into it. 

15. Community is important. Make time to invest in relationships. 

16. Travel inspires the mind and refreshes the soul. 

17. Where you live has tons of hidden gems. Explore your own city. 

18. Life will constantly surprise you. Embrace the chaos. 

19. Words are powerful, and they mean a lot to people. Give more compliments.

20. What seems like a big deal now won’t seem so big in a year. 

21. Boundaries are healthy. Create them and don’t feel bad for having them.

22. Social media is a great source of inspiration but it is not the complete story. 

23. Ice cream isn’t good for you, but I will keep eating it. So should you. 


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