How To Overcome Post Travel Blues


The need to travel lives in each of us.

Whether to another country or simply outside of the house, our eyes wish to behold beautiful places. Not only does travel inspire us, educate us, and culturally enrich us, but it simply makes us happy. New landscapes, beautiful faces, delicious food, and ultimately new experiences enrich and shape us in an amazing way. For those of us who have had the opportunity to travel abroad, post travel blues await our return home. Although these feelings are real and allowed to be felt, there are ways to combat these feelings long-term. 

Take a Travel Journal

I know it can be hard to make time to journal during your travels, but trust me, it will be worth it. Take some time at the end of each day while the experiences are fresh in your mind, and write about them. This will help you cherish these memories long after your travels come to an end. 

Explore Your City

Whether at home or in another country, the adventurer still lives inside of us, and she awaits our response. I have found that my city has beautiful locations, shops, food and activities that I have neglected to notice. Explore your city, admire the setting, find new locations to explore, try new food, and go to local events. Admire beauty every single day - whether big or small. This will continually refresh and sustain the adventurer in us until we can travel abroad once again. 

Plan Short Nearby Trips

Although an abroad trip can get very pricey, short weekend trips that are nearby fulfill our need to explore without breaking the bank. Plan and budget a few weekend trips throughout the year that don’t require a flight. There are so many beautiful places that are just a quick drive away. 

Keep Traveling

Stay excited and inspired, talk with your friends about the next place you want to go, plan the trip, and budget for it! You may be planning years in advance, but that is no excuse not to plan it. Respond to the adventurer inside and keep traveling.


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