Excerpt No. 1

beauty of earth-poetry-purpose.jpg

Breathing, exhaling, waking

Earth responds in growth and color

Texture, vibrancy, movement 

Intriguing the eyes that behold it


Some may wonder at earth’s bravery

Constantly growing only to die in the next season

But it is confident knowing there is purpose in each

Knowing that growth will come again


The bright greens against blue skies

Appreciated much more after dull hues 

It is earth’s delight to spring forth before our eyes

Awaiting eagerly for our response  


Gazing, wondering, appreciating 

Our hearts filled with excitement at the sight

Bursting, flourishing, erupting  

Life awakening, colors exploding


We can learn a lesson from earth’s confidence 

This season will pass just as the last

Beauty in every part of the process

Whether growing or pruning 


Thank you earth for your courage 

For your colors that inspire and uplift our spirit 

Breathing, exhaling, waking

Taking all of you in


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