5 Reasons to Travel


Why travel?

“I’m busy at work, it’s not a priority, I’m not that adventurous, I’m too old, I don’t have enough money.” The odds stacked against us are endless. BUT what if it was a priority? What if we made time to go somewhere even if it’s one state over, one city over, or simply to a new place 15 minutes from our house? What would we get out of it? 


Life demands our attention, all our effort, and time. In the chaos of life, work schedules, discovering our path, attending meetings, running errands, and keeping up with human interaction, we can deny ourselves time to reflect. Reflection is important because it provides a door for peace, inspiration and dreams - all things we were designed to experience. Travel encourages reflection because we are released of demands and schedules. And through reflection, we can discover the energy and passion to keep up with the beautiful chaos of life. 


Schedules keep us on track, create capacity for completing tasks, and allow us to find time for enjoyment, but there is something about being released of a schedule and roaming free. Not only does travel rid us of our daily schedule, but it provides new scenery, culture, people and beauty to be admired. It is much easier to admire something never before seen than something we pass by every day. Travel inspires us to admire, appreciate and maybe even create once we return home. I wonder how many artistic pieces were inspired by travel…


Our brain usually juggles scheduling, organizing, work-related tasks, school projects, our family’s needs and more. So, learning new things is easily put on the back-burner. But once our brain has room to breathe, and we are inspired by a beautiful place, the desire to learn is sparked once again. From museums, tours, book stores and more, every city provides the opportunity to learn something new. And learning sparks growth, inspiration, and the desire to create. 


Our day to day scenery doesn’t exactly provide the atmosphere for wonder. It’s not impossible, but let’s just say that it doesn’t make it easy. Travel sparks the inner-child inside of us - the one who gazes at tall buildings, runs freely barefoot in the grass, people watches in pure curiosity, experiences food at high intensity, laughs at the slightest joke, and stands in wonder of everything surrounding them. Travel causes us to wonder at the beauty all around. It makes it easy to admire beauty in places, people, food, architecture and more. 


Not only does travel cause us to discover beauty in a new place, strange faces, and delicious food, but it causes us to discover ourself. We are released from day to day demands, encouraged to admire our surroundings and through reflection, we discover more of who we are. Travel will teach you endless lessons about the world, but it will also teach you more about yourself than you thought possible.


Where do you want to travel next? Leave your answers below!


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