10 Things to Admire Today 

admire today-nature-beauty-women-empowerment.jpg

1 - YOU 

Look in the mirror, and admire who you are as a human being. There is no one exactly like you in the entire universe. No one looks like you, sounds like you, laughs like you, or has the capabilities you do. You are pretty dang awesome. 

2 - A Bird’s Song

It’s easy to go through our days unaware of our surroundings. Maybe we are aware, but we don’t acknowledge them. Intentionally sit, listen, and be. Admire a bird’s song greeting the day with confidence, passion and beauty. 

3 - The New Day

There’s something about starting fresh. A new day provides newness - new surroundings, tasks, weather conditions, people and experiences. Take advantage of the fresh start each morning brings. 

4 - The Landscape Around You

Beauty displays itself before our eyes every single day. Nature is one of the most beautiful things our eyes can behold if we choose to admire it. Gaze at tall trees, awe at flowers blooming, rain falling, and animals exploring.

5 - Beautiful Sound

Whether it’s the wind blowing, birds chirping, cars zooming or music playing, admire the sound surrounding you. 

6 - Laughter

Along with sound, admire someone’s laughter. It’s funny how each one of us have a different laugh, and often times we can get cracked up simply by the sound of someone else laughing. 

7 - Taste

Food is a part of our every day life. It sustains and refreshes us. So often, meals can become an item on a to-do list that we simply check off because we are running from one place to the next. Admire the textures, flavors and company during your meals. 

8 - A Piece of Writing

Whether an article, poem, excerpt or book, admire some type of writing each day. Whether for it’s beautiful appearance (such as calligraphy) or for its eloquent layout (such as a poem). 

9 - People

I love that each human being we encounter is unique, and we can’t possibly encounter another just like them. Whether hanging out with close friends, meeting new acquaintances, or people watching, admire the beauty in each. 

10 - Breath

In this moment your body is functioning in thousands of ways in order to keep you alive. Your body is essentially taking care of you. Be thankful for the breath in your lungs equipping you to experience the beauty of this day. Want more incentive to appreciate your body? You may be interested in my free e-book: EMBRACE


What have you admired today? Comment below!


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