Top 10 Things to do in Washington, D.C.


What to do in Washington, D.C.

1. Rent from Capital Bike Share 

Instead of driving, bike around the city using capital bike share! This was one of the main highlights of my trip to D.C. because I was able to avoid traffic, feel like a local, and take in the beauty of the city. 

2. Go to food truck row

I love trying authentic cuisine and having a convenient option during my sightseeing. Food truck row is located in the middle of the National Mall so it is easy to grab and go in-between visiting monuments or museums, and the food is really good too!

3. See the capitol stones

If you’re looking for a little adventure, go to Rock Creek Park to see the capitol stones. The capitol was renovated in 1958 and instead of throwing out the remaining stones, they were hidden behind a maintenance shed in this park.

4. Take the DuPont Underground Tour

Underground trolley tunnels a mile away from the White House have been turned into an artistic space for local artists. They have different exhibits and tours available to all visitors. I mean, who doesn’t want to go to an underground art exhibit?! 

5. Eat at the Red Hen

This restaurant is Italian-influenced, located in an eclectic neighborhood, and has such a beautiful space. The menu offers a variety of options, the service is great, and the food was very flavorful. I would highly recommend this one.

6. See the capitol columns 

Unlike the capitol stones mentioned above, the capitol columns were relocated to the arboretum when the capitol was renovated. They stand tall on a hill surrounded by fields and trees and make for amazing pictures. 

7. Visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum 

This art museum has diverse collections for any art-enthusiast. My favorite was the modern art collection. The pieces were very unique, inspiring, and eclectic. 

8. See a concert at the 9:30 club

This venue is comfy cozy and the perfect place to see a concert while in D.C. Shout out to Frightened Rabbit for putting on an amazing show when I visited!

9. Visit the bonsai museum

Okay. So, I’m obsessed with little plants. Therefore, this may be partial, but I would highly recommend visiting the bonsai museum located in the arboretum. With tons of bonsais to see, history provided for each, and a beautiful location, you can’t go wrong by visiting this spot.

10. Grab a coffee at Big Bear Cafe

Although there were so many coffee shops I loved, Big Bear Cafe was one of my favorites. With beautiful outdoor seating, great coffee, and amazing food, this little cafe really makes a statement. (I also recommend getting the quiche!)


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