Transforming the Ideal of Beauty


What if women stood together?

What if we all became transparent and shared our story? What if we weren’t afraid of judgment? What if we knew our worth so much so that we walked in confidence everywhere we went? 

This is our destiny as women 

To live authentically, knowing our worth, and purpose, admiring the success and beauty in other women, embracing ourselves entirely to the point where we are eager to share our story, while positively impacting society through our talents and capabilities. 


Attaining an ideal like this requires breaking through modern-day thinking patterns.

Women are taught from a young age to hide their insecurities, hate their body, lack confidence, and compare themselves. Whether through social media, friend groups, movies or advertisements, these messages are conveyed every single day.  

So, how do we transform modern-day thinking around beauty and womanhood? We begin setting new ideals, exposing the lies, spreading the word, and igniting a movement. If you are on the journey of learning how to fully love and embrace your authentic self, you might like my free e-book, EMBRACE. To start this conversation...

Here’s 5 Beliefs I want to Eliminate  

1. Being honest about our insecurities does not display weakness. It’s the beginning of shifting our thought pattern from an insecurity to a beautiful trait. Read more about overcoming your insecurities here.

2. Cellulite is not abnormal. Several studies state that above 90% of women have it. 

3. Perfect skin does not exist. You are not the only one with blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles & more. In fact, those traits show that you have lived life - and that is beautiful. 

4. Being “fit” does not mean you have to have a six pack, huge bum, and long skinny legs. Being fit is living a healthy lifestyle. 

5. Perfection does not exist. We will no longer measure our body against the “perfect body” standard.


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