Eliminating the Root of Comparison

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When we are living in our most authentic form…

We are happy, supportive, successful, powerful, beautiful, trustworthy, content, fierce, strong, brave, confident, and equipped. By being authentic to our identity, we actually give ourselves opportunities that don’t present themselves otherwise. 

If there isn’t one identical human being on the planet, imagine how many billions of astounding ideas, strategies, and qualities that have the opportunity to fill this earth. Needs can be met, people’s lives can change, and the world can change for the better. If we tap into our authenticity, embrace who we are and discover our identity, we actually have the opportunity to contribute something of extreme value to the world. 

In order to access this potential within ourselves, we must eliminate the root of comparison.

Comparison not only leaves us unhappy, but it actually hinders us from presenting the highest level of our capabilities, strategies and talents to the world. When the talents and beauty in other people become something we admire rather than envy, something shifts inside of us. We suddenly have access to another dimension of ourselves, and if we tap into this, we can impact the world. In the quest to eliminate comparison entirely...

3 practical ways to let go of comparison

1. Embrace Your Authentic Identity

The first step towards letting go of comparison is fully loving and accepting every part of yourself. Begin to shift your thoughts and attention towards your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Give yourself credit for the things you are good at, and don’t feel inferior because of someone else’s strengths. 

2. Give More Compliments

Pick up the practice of compliment-giving. Any time you feel jealousy, judgment or comparison towards another person, challenge yourself to actually compliment them. This action releases you from harboring bitterness and judgement, and it encourages another person to keep being amazing. 

3. Let Go of Judgment 

The practice of comparison can actually lead to judgment. In our moment of insecurity, we tend to look for something to judge about that person in order to feel better about ourself. Turn your judgement towards someone into admiration. 


What is a practical way you choose to let go of comparison? Leave your comments below!


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