She Said Yes! Our Founder, Ashton, is ENGAGED!


Today I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, excitement for the future and a new beautiful ring on my finger. I wasn’t fully confident that someone could so successfully surprise me to this extent, but he did. As I was distracted by the view and our photographer peeking around the corner, he knelt down on one knee and asked. Needless to say, I said yes, and we are so excited for engagement bliss and wedding planning.

Josh is kind, persistent, passionate, caring and selfless. He has taught me so much about love and showed me what it looks like to love well. I’ve learned what true love looks like, how it acts, and how it treats you. Here are some of those traits. 

10 attributes of true love

1. Selfless - it longs to serve you, care for you, and understand you

2. Patient - it is gentle, and ever so forgiving of your shortcomings 

3. Kind - it treats you with care, and values your feelings above being right

4. Persistent - it is its joy to pursue you each day  

5. Trustworthy - it is dependable and honors its word

6. Honest - it is vulnerable, transparent and open with you

7. Brave - it fearlessly and courageously loves every part of you

8. Adventurous - it is bold and willing to accompany you in life’s journey 

9. Determined - it is steadfast and relentlessly pursues relationship

 10. Accepting - it embraces every part of who you are


True love is worth waiting for. It will treat you with kindness and pursue you with passion. It doesn’t evaporate because of a disagreement, and it doesn’t hide when things get tough. It is patient, passionate, kind, and persistent. 


Although it’s hard to wrap my feelings in words, I still wanted to share a piece of this moment with all of you! Thank you SO much to Tonya Hurter for capturing this beautiful moment. She knew how to keep us calm, and she made sure to capture the moment ever so naturally with small direction here and there. She's the best! 


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