2 Lies the Media Tells You

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I have edited my body in pictures before.

Although less common than removing blemishes from the skin, many women feel the same pressure I did when I re-sized my body in multiple pictures. With “perfect” images flooding your social media streams, magazines falsely portraying beauty, and celebrities altering their body through surgical procedures, the pressure can be overwhelming. Edited bodies and altered realities are constantly shoved in front of our eyes to the point where we believe them. Furthermore than believing, we begin to follow the same guidelines. 

It is imperative that we recognize the lies that the media tells us every day. If we can learn to recognize them, we can begin to stand against them. Here’s two that I have experienced:

1. Your skin should be perfect

It’s very rare to see an image of a woman on social media that has not been airbrushed. It’s even more rare to see an image of a woman in a magazine that has not been airbrushed. Whether its pimples, stretch marks, wrinkles or veins, each are usually edited out of the images we see. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done this, and I have many friends who have done the same. But why do we feel pressured to edit away reality? Why can’t we be honest with the world and show them who we really are? More importantly, why is it so hard for us to accept these parts of us? Our bodies carry us through each day in strength and beauty. Our bodies are ever so kind to us, and it’s time we start returning the friendly energy. 

2. Your body should look like the one’s in magazines

Generally, magazines portray one type of woman in all their images. She is tall, slender, blemish free, and defines the ideal of beauty. For women to only see images of one body type is not only discouraging but very unhealthy. It suggests that something is wrong with the rest of society for looking otherwise. 

How boring would it be if we saw the world in one color? What if everywhere we looked, we saw the color green and only distinguished items by their outline and texture? The same goes for our bodies. There is beauty in diversity. There is beauty in our differences. Mostly, there is beauty in authenticity. 

Un-edited and Airbrush Free Movement

The Authentic Woman is a platform empowering the authentic woman which means she is un-edited and airbrush free. Our images may have edits in lighting, contrast, highlights and more, but no body part is edited because we believe that women should be empowered to live in their most authentic form. 

Let’s join the movement that influencers like Aerie and Darling Magazine are standing for. Our bodies are beautiful. Our skin is stunning. And we will re-define the media’s standard of beauty. Beauty is when we have found the confidence to live in our most authentic, real and honest form.


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*Disclaimer: I am not bashing men or women who have had surgeries on their bodies, edited themselves in pictures, or models in magazines. I am simply saying that this criteria should not become the standard for everyone else to measure up to. We should be allowed to live confidently in our own skin without the pressure to look like someone else. 


What lie has the media told you? And what is actually the truth? Leave your answer below!


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