Your Thought-Life Makes You or Breaks You

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Your greatest strength is to know exactly who you are and to live confidently in this known identity. 

What would happen if we knew exactly who we were? What would happen if we didn’t sell ourselves short but knew our strengths? Would we begin to know our value? Would the discovery of our worth then propel us towards creating success and wealth? Would our success then become a sending-station for other people? Would we then in some way change the world? 

When we know who we are, we have the potential to change the world. Because outward success begins inwardly. What you think about yourself impacts how you interact with the outside world. It affects your relationships, your success, your interactions with people, your direction, and the level at which you choose to live your life. If your thoughts about yourself are mediocre, negative, and de-valuing, then how do you expect to create a positive impact in the world? 


Your thoughts can be the thing that makes or breaks your success in life. 

We are picky about what we wear, what we eat, and what we look like in front of other people. So, why aren’t we selective with our thought life? Why are we so easily offended by an offensive comment made by a stranger, but we don’t stop and get offended by our own negative thoughts? When we make the powerful choice to control our thought life - to reject those de-valuing and disempowering thoughts and replace them with positive and empowering language - we take control of the quality of our life. 

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The quality of your life is largely dependent upon your perspective which is largely impacted by the language you use. 

The words you speak display exactly what you believe. You may identify as confident, but if your vocabulary is full of language that counteracts confidence, then you’re most likely not a confident person. The same goes for all attributes. Your heart is constantly on a certain level of display by the language you use in your every day life. And the language you use in your every day life largely impacts the direction you are going. 


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Your authentic voice sets you apart from the crowd. 

When we know who we are, we can begin using our authentic voice. This is your greatest superpower because no one else is you. People can have similar talents and even steal your ideas, but it will never be identical to what you offer the world. It will never have the same affect and impact because you are the only one who carries your level of capabilities, strengths and talents. You are the only you. 

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Authenticity and identity are your greatest discoveries. They set you apart and propel you towards further success and achievement. Do you know who you are? Do you walk confidently in this known identity? Do you walk in such bravery that you are impacting the world? And does the language you use convey who you want to be and where you want to go? 


Comment below with your favorite way to combat negative thoughts! 


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