Let's Overcome Insecurity Together

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What is the origin of insecurity? What is it rooted in? 

Generally insecurity is birthed out of lies spoken or suggested by people, images, videography, comparison, writing, or any other form of media. Regardless, insecurity originates from an outside source. When you observe a small child, they roam the earth in wonder, excitement, confidence, and bravery. It is not until they reach a certain level of understanding that they begin to question their identity. When they are exposed to various mediums suggesting that they aren’t good enough, this is the moment they discover insecurity. 

Although the feelings of insecurity cannot be avoided entirely, we have to remember that they are exactly that - a feeling. And even further, they are lies. Insecurity is birthed out of a desire to be something that we are not which actually takes away from our natural state of beauty. It attempts to steal our joy by telling us that we need to look like someone else, act like someone else or be someone else in order to be good enough. 


But your insecurity is not your identity. 

So many of us walk around holding on tightly to our insecurities as if they are a part of our identity. But they are not. You are not defined by the negative things people have said about you, the unjust standards the media suggests you have to meet, or by the talents, beauty and success in other people. You are defined by who you actually are. Beauty is living and breathing inside of you. It's in your heart, dreams, aspirations, talents, capabilities, desires, and skill set. It's in the way you carry yourself, the way you look, the way you laugh, and the way you relate to others. It is a part of your identity. Read more about how to embrace your authentic self in my free e-book, EMBRACE.


What and whom are you allowing to define you? 

Are you rooted and grounded in your insecurity? Or are you rooted and grounded in your identity as a beautiful human being? We have to stop carrying around our insecurity as if it is a part of us. Because when we allow our insecurity to become our identity, we mask our authentic self. We hide parts of us underneath our insecurity and therefore deny the world an experience with our truest self. 

Let’s remove the mask of insecurity and reveal our most authentic form because it's what the world is waiting for. 


Join the 7-day challenge

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What defines you? Leave your answers below.


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