3 Ways We Can Support Other Women: Creating a Culture of Empowerment 


What would it look like if women created a culture of empowerment over competition?

When women stand together, something shifts. An internal shift takes place. When we are given permission to try something scary without fear of judgment, our identity becomes more grounded. We are given the opportunity to take a leap of faith knowing that grace lies on the other side. Support is awaiting us. Encouragement will be our reward. 

Our culture gratifies judgment and comparison amongst women. It is almost used as fuel to push harder, out-do another and attain the higher praise. Whether it’s the way our body carries us or the risks we take in our career, it feels like we are in constant competition with one another. Like we have to constantly look over our shoulder anticipating an attack.


But empowerment will always be more compelling than competition

Living in constant competition with someone is exhausting. It’s tiring. Not only is it a complete waste of time, but it actually hinders us from operating at our highest potential. When we are so busy watching someone else, we lose sight of who we are and our capabilities. We lose focus and direction. We waste all of our time trying to stay afloat when we could be sailing an entire sea of possibility. 

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But when we are given the authority and permission to be successful, beautiful and amazing, we walk in such freedom. We walk in opportunity and possibility. Our worth is not dictated by the lack thereof in another person. Neither is our success or beauty. So, why do we feel this pressure to “measure up” to someone else? Why do we put other women down in the pursuit of our dreams? There are so many needs in this world that need to be met, thousands of questions to be answered, and plenty of opportunity for everyone. We need each other.


When we start acting like a team, we will get so much more accomplished

If we look at the world like a sea of possibility with so much opportunity, we quickly realize that we can’t tackle everything alone. We can’t come up with every solution. It’s a group effort. Every person sees the world in a unique way and offers some type of solution that we don’t have. And when we give other women not only the permission, but the authority to use their voice, their mission, and their message to positively impact the world, transformation happens. Problems are answered. Needs are met. 

When women give each other the freedom to operate at their highest capacity without feeling inferior in return, we create a catalyst for positive change. We begin the process of building a united front where women can stand together free from judgement, comparison and competition. We give each other the opportunity to discover our true identity, live out our purpose and do absolutely amazing things in the world. 

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As women, we get to make the choice between feeding a culture of competition or creating a new culture of empowerment. 

What would it look like if we eliminated the root of comparison, ditched the practice of competition and began to support one another? Imagine the freedom that would be birthed from this place. Imagine the trust, courage and bravery that would follow... We can actively pursue this new culture in our every day life, and here are a few actions you can take today…


3 Ways to Empower Other Women

1| Voice your admiration

Have you ever admired someone from afar? Have you witnessed a woman killing it in her career - getting a new position, taking a huge leap of faith, standing against injustice, or creating a new product line? Each of us are inspired by hundreds of women whether through social media, in-person relationships, or even random strangers. What if we voiced our admiration for someone rather than containing the thought? 

I don’t know about you, but my entire day has often been made by the kind compliment of a stranger - “I love your outfit, you’re hair is so pretty, you carry yourself in such confidence - it’s amazing.” These thoughts and words are so powerful. They have the potential to be very influential in someone’s life but only if we speak up. Use your voice to encourage, uplift and empower the women around you. It will propel them towards deeper confidence, trust and bravery as a woman. 


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2| Support small female-owned businesses

There are thousands of women pursuing their dreams, and many of them are starting small businesses with a powerful mission and purpose. 

I recently stumbled upon a small female-owned business called Dazey L.A. It’s a graphic art apparel line all of which is hand drawn and handmade. Their mission is to simply empower women, which I found to be entirely inspiring and beautiful. So, I made my first purchase from them (the shirt I'm wearing in this post) and fell in love with their products. 

What if women took it upon themselves to discover small, female-owned businesses and actively support them? What if we invested in one of their new products, left kind words on their latest Instagram post or subscribed to their newsletter? Every single one of these actions is a display of support, and it propels women further along in their career. We have the capability to be an active supporter and encourager of other women. And who knows, maybe they will return the support for whatever you’re doing! 


3| Be transparent, real and honest… On your platforms

It is imperative that women display reality on their platforms - because lack of transparency denies the world an honest experience and expectation for life. When we only portray the beautiful moments on social media (which is a natural thing to do), it suggests to others following that our life is “perfect” and effortless. But we all know that is anything but the truth. Life is a crazy bundle of beauty, pain, failure, mess, and adventure. And it’s every single one of these attributes that makes it so rewarding. 

When we use our platforms to share our personal story, display the reality of life, and encourage people along the way, then we have created a meaningful space in our online world - we have created room to empower other women to experience imperfection and failure - both of which are completely real and normal experiences.

Lately I have seen so many women sharing the struggle and beauty of female entrepreneurship on their Instagram stories, and it encouraged me to do the same! By women grasping the courage and bravery to be real and transparent with their followers, I was encouraged to jump on the bandwagon. It’s this kind of behavior that creates a safe space for women to mess up, fail, and grow along the way. 

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Let’s be proactive in supporting each other - it’s a win-win situation

The world is so vast, and there is plenty of room for all of us to be amazing, make career advances and be beautiful. By actively supporting one another along the way, we create a new culture of empowerment and are given the full permission and freedom to chase after our dreams without the need to compete with each other. This allows us to operate at our highest capacity and make a serious impact on the world around us. 


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