3 Keys to Monetizing Your Passion

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Setting Goals, Finding Fulfillment & Making Money: From Dream to Tangible Reality

Today we are given instant access and gratification in so many areas of our life. We have access to immediate communication through text, our questions can be answered simply by asking Siri, and we can now purchase things from the comfort of our own home. Although all of this is wonderful, it has created a culture that is disappointed when their request is not immediately answered. We conceive a dream, idea or aspiration and become bitter when it is not fulfilled within 48 hours. 

Big dreams require time, hard work and persistence to see fruition. 

Our culture has no problem with dreaming big. How many times have you heard the phrase “If your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough?” Probably a handful of times. We are encouraged to think big, dream extravagantly and take risks, but many of us have missed the foundation that the dream must be rooted in - hard work. Now, before you disengage and completely disapprove of this cliché statement, hear me out! 

When your dream is rooted in purpose, you will put in the hard work that will ultimately transform the dream into reality.

Your dream has to be something so deeply rooted inside of you that you will do anything and everything to see it come to fruition - this means that your dream must be rooted in purpose. Although your dream can most definitely include the luxury of working for yourself, traveling the world and creating your own content, it must also be rooted in a deeper meaning and purpose. 

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Ask yourself the question, “how do I want to impact a people group, culture or the world? What need is currently present that I have the passion and ability to meet? What burns in my heart and inspires me to the point of extremity?” 

Here are a few tips for you in your dream pursuit...


1. When you discover your passion that is rooted in purpose, align it with your strengths.

I can be passionate about web development all day long, but if I can't operate a computer then I’m simply out of luck. Some things we are passionate about are not the direction we need to go towards within our career. When your passions align with your strengths, it is in this moment that you have discovered your purpose. You can’t help people design killer websites if you don’t know how to operate a computer. On the other hand, if you are technologically advanced, have the ability to code, and effectively create stunning websites, this is most definitely an area where you can meet a need. 

So, what are your strengths as a human being? What areas are you talented in? It may be organization, business strategy, content creation, traveling hacks, writing, speaking, social media marketing or nail art. What is that one thing that people always compliment you on? Write down a list of your strengths and then brainstorm ways to use them in order to help people around you. 

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2. Set up a killer plan to propel your purpose driven dream towards reality

You cannot expect to achieve your dream without a plan. And a plan goes beyond your vision. A plan has to be put in place to define direction and aid you in accomplishing small tasks in order to achieve the big dream! Since your dream is likely a pretty big one, this whole planning idea may seem overwhelming. You might be thinking, “Where do I even start?” But this is the beauty and purpose of putting a plan in place. 

The first step - Write out a long term vision. An example may be - “I’m going to create a multi-million dollar business that helps people break out of their 9-5 in order to pursue their dreams of being a business owner.” This vision may take years to materialize, but if you back your dream with the right actions, you will achieve it! 

The second step - Create a 90-day goal. This goal should be a step towards your ultimate vision. An example may be - “I’m going to create an online course all about social media marketing tips that will drive people’s business to the forefront of their industry.” So, this is still a rather large goal, but it is much smaller than the overall vision. 

The third step - Create a list of projects that will aid you in achieving your 90-day goal. These should be actions that you can take in order to finalize the online course (in this example). One of your projects in this example may be - “I’m going to create an outline of the topics and strategies I want to cover in each module of the online course.” 

Repeat this process of creating a 90-day goal and backing it up with actionable steps in order to achieve it. This will not only ensure that you are taking action, but it will ensure that you are taking efficient action that will propel you in the right direction! 


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3. Be authentic to who you are!

There are a lot of ambitious people doing absolutely amazing things in their career, and there are probably thousands of people chasing after the same dream that you are - but don't let this discourage you! There is one thing that makes you stand out, one thing that sets you apart, one thing that is essentially your super power. Do you want to know what it is? Drumroll please… it’s your authentic identity as a human being! Again, don’t hate me for the cliché statement because it’s so true. 

It’s easy to get discouraged by the success of someone else in your niche, but instead of developing bitterness and possibly even trying to be like someone else, stay authentic to who you are. Whether it’s your humor, encouragement or skill-set, use those things to your advantage when relating to people. This will get you noticed and cause people to relate to you with ease. When you present your authentic self, people will naturally connect with you.

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When your dream is rooted in purpose, your skill-set is reputable, action is applied and your authenticity shines through, people will stand in line for you. 

All of this hard work, time and energy is worth it in the end. If you take the time to lay a strong foundation, people will be very interested in what you have to offer. Turning your dream into a reality and monetizing your passion is absolutely attainable. The only question is are you willing to do what it takes to get there? 


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What actions are you taking right now to make your dream a reality? Leave your answers and suggestions in the comments below!