Go To Self-Care Rituals - Because You Matter

Do you want to cultivate deeper self-love, experience radical confidence, and go to the next level in self-care? I hope you said yes because you DESERVE that, my dear. In this post, we are sharing 8 go to self care rituals that you can apply to your own life to see deeper love, joy, and fulfillment in your own life. Click through to read!

I am a huge believer in self-care, it is vital for our sanity.

As a mother of three, I know how important it is to take time for ourselves, but I also know hard it is to make that time. Whether you are a mama, a student or a full-time business babe, self-care is needed to keep us moving in the right direction.

Taking care of yourself does not have to be expensive. When I need a few minutes of “mama alone time”, it usually looks a little something like this… kids are screaming or playing and I am running low on energy, so I sneak away to the bathroom, shut the door and quickly find one of my trusty essential oil roller blends. I usually gravitate towards Relieve (the blend I sell in my small biz shop) which is a stress relief blend of clary sage, angelica root and lavender. It instantly grounds me and gives me a since of calmness. Now I can breathe. 


I am sure there are many of you mamas that resonate with this same scenario. But let’s dig a little deeper… 


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Here are a few things that I feel are pretty important to think about before you try and nail down a daily or weekly self-care ritual. Take a mini evaluation of yourself. Don’t be critical. This is for your well-being - your health. It’s the first step in growing to love yourself and wanting to take care of you

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Know your worth – Remind yourself that you matter. You are important. You are worth taking a few minutes to regain sanity or relax. 

Know how to balance your work life – Unhealthy work/life balance is super harmful mentally and emotionally and leads to unneeded stress and anxiety. This is something I struggle with. I am a “work at home mom”, I run a small business out of my house while raising kids – 2 that are still home full time with me. I know how hard it is to put down the phone, stop replying to emails or checking Instagram and just BE with the kids. It’s hard to find that balance. 

Learn how to manage stress – Try to figure out what triggers your stress. Is it that you have too much on your plate each day? Are you unorganized? Maybe try and shorten your to-do list… write down your to-do list so that you feel more organized. 

Self-care is not just about mental health; it’s about physical health too – This goes right along with managing stress. Taking care of your physical health can relieve so much stress. I know that when I make time to exercise, my whole day is positively turned around. It is a stress reliever.

Once you realize that you are worth the time, you are important, your sanity is important, managing your stress is important – only then can you start to truly take care of yourself. 

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Here are my top 8 mini self-care rituals; simple and quick little remedies to get you through that tough moment or maybe you just need a little pick me up!

  1. Meditation – find a quiet place; take a moment to just be. Enjoy the few minutes of alone time.

  2. Put your phone down, unplug for 10 minutes or more!

  3. Stretch. While you watch your favorite Netflix show or give the kids a bath.. do a few stretches.

  4. Make a small change to your diet for the week – whether it’s cutting out sugary drinks or committing to eating a salad for lunch that week. It feels good to take that small step for your health and who knows… maybe your temporary change will become a positive permanent change.

  5. Inhale a scent that helps to suppress food cravings and lifts your mood, like peppermint.

  6. Soak in some rays – A few minutes of sunshine will do wonders for your soul and mood.

  7. Take 5 deep breaths. Where ever you are just stop and practice a breathing technique.

  8. Diffuse some essentials oils – the power of scent can be so uplifting


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And when you have more time, time to really indulge in a self-care routine… these rituals are my saving grace.

  1. When the kids are asleep or when you have finished your daily to-do list… TAKE A BATH. Dump a handful of bath salts or Epsom salt into warm water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, light a candle, dim the light or turn it off and just sit. No phones. Just you and your thoughts. Let your body relax.

  2. Allot yourself 30 minutes to give yourself a facial. Take your makeup off, wash your face, put on a face mask and just sit. Read a blog or a magazine for a few moments. Then rinse the face mask off, apply some serum and face mist… and feel refreshed. So refreshed.

  3. Exercise – Go for walk or a run. Take a group exercise class. Or if you are like me and would rather work out at home, pull up YouTube, search for a yoga or pilates video (there are a lot of good ones) or maybe even a circuit workout, get it done and feel good about yourself.

  4. Get outside – Throw a blanket on the ground and just look up at the clouds, listen to the birds, soak in the sun, read a book, breathe in the fresh air. In the summer this is my go to, while the kids are running in the yard I throw down a blanket or a lawn chair and just sit, take in the moment. It is rejuvenating.

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Most importantly, just make time for yourself.

Start with a small quick little remedy to soothe your stress in the moment and work up from there. My husband’s parents have always told me “You cannot take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself,” and that is the truth. It makes total since. How can you take care of anyone else or anything else if you cannot take care of yourself? You matter. Your sanity, your health, your mental and emotional state… it all matters, and it is okay to put yourself first sometimes. 


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How do you like to practice self care? Share your tips with us below!

self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

I am a wife to my soul mate / husband of 10+ years who I  have 3 very energetic and imaginative kids with. I am also the creator / owner of Thistle Organic Beauty, which I started soon after I graduated from a highly recognized cosmetology school out of Atlanta back in January of 2016. Natural, non toxic, cruelty free beauty / skincare quickly became a passion of mine when I went through beauty school and then had my daughter the following year. Since becoming a mother, I have become huge believer in self care. I love the sun, flowers, and collecting crystals. When the weather is warm, you can usually find me camping by the lake with my little family - they are my life!!!

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