7 Ways to Take Control of Your Body-Insecurity + Feel Good in Your Own Skin

Do you struggle with body-insecurity? Do you want to grow in confidence, boldness, and certainty in your identity as a beautiful woman? Click through to read this inspiring blog post about 7 ways to take control of your body insecurity and finally feel confident in your own skin!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 

This is something we hear from a very young age. Do you believe in this statement? I haven’t always been the best role model when it comes to loving my body, my features or my curvy waistline. My body image negativity started taking a dive during my teen years. In middle school, I felt out of place, awkward, sad, scared, disproportionate and overweight. I wasn’t happy with how I looked and had no confidence in who I was or who I wanted to be. This led to me making poor friendships, decisions and neglecting the things I loved most - soccer and art. In high school and college, I spent time exercising and playing soccer but not eating very well. I had little to no knowledge about nutrition and the role it plays in our mindset. I didn’t know enough about my own thoughts, or how my own negative thoughts created my negative self-worth. My lack of confidence was my biggest barrier in gaining control over my body image, and it only began to increase after I realized my confidence was an internal exercise that I had to master from within.


I wish I had known that our beauty is internal and a very personal opinion.

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It is controlled by our own thoughts, life experiences, and teachings. This would have been very useful information for my teenage self. Just like any other thought that we have, our body image thoughts can be changed. We can take control our thoughts and make them either more positive or negative. Taking control of how we see ourselves and learning to love ourselves is something we could all use more of. Many of us struggle to be kind to ourselves and do not know how to increase our own self-esteem or self-worth. We forget that our value and self-worth all begin in our own mind (yes, that is true and not in the minds of others like we sometimes believe). We form ideas that are not true, and we are our own biggest critics. To learn to love and appreciate ourselves, we must first refocus all energy that we use to put ourselves down and channel it to building ourselves up.

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This is easier than it sounds. It’s hard to love who we are and be comfortable in the skin we are in. Every year around the summer time (at least for myself), we become tougher on ourselves and question how we look, what we should wear, and how others will see our bodies. What if instead of being tougher, we were kinder? Instead of questioning how we look, what if we accept and show gratitude for our beautiful, functioning body? What if we stop questioning what we should wear and only care about how we see ourselves? It would be pretty radical. 


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Here are 7 ways to begin loving your body:

1. Remember that you control your thoughts and opinions. 

Take charge of your mind or it will take charge of you. You can change your thoughts and opinions about who you are, how you see yourself and how you think others perceive you. Your thoughts are your own, and no one else has power over them.


2. Be aware of the thoughts you do not need. 

If you think something and do not like it, simply do not repeat it to yourself. The more negativity you create, the more negative you will become. Do not let it become who you are.

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3. Change what you do not like. 

If you notice yourself being harsh or negative on yourself, change it. Find comfort in knowing that you can always decide to do something different and redirect your own perception. That is the key to happiness and confidence.


4. Practice self-love.

Take time to focus on just yourself. Be grateful for your mind, body and soul. Nourish yourself (not just with food) but positivity and relaxation. Enjoy your day to day life, enjoy the people in your life and establish a simple self-care routine.

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Do you struggle with body-insecurity? Do you want to grow in confidence, boldness, and certainty in your identity as a beautiful woman? Click through to read this inspiring blog post about 7 ways to take control of your body insecurity and finally feel confident in your own skin!

5. Put yourself out there.

Go out, flaunt your stuff and try new positive experiences. We reject ourselves and our own ideas before we even give ourselves the chance to try anything new. Do not let fear hold you back and take charge of your mind, body and soul.


6. Be patient with yourself.

You have to be kind to yourself when you are learning a new skill. Things take time. Plus, changing an entire mindset is not an easy task. Practice patience, and you will slowly start gaining small merits.


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7. Teach others how to be kind to themselves. 

By teaching others that they can love themselves too, we share an empowering message. This, in turn, empowers us and helps us put further practice into what we have already learned. It is a win, win for you and your loved ones.


Loving ourselves is not always innate and can be hard to learn. 

I know this first hand. My journey with body confidence is one I am still very much on. I have to be kind to myself for others to be kind to me as well. We all have to realize what we are creating with our personal body image thoughts before we can change them. Mastering a new skill takes time, so please be patient with yourself. I challenge you, to go out and teach yourself and others how you want to be treated. Make yourself a priority and change your own body image. Share your love, share your kindness and share your caring nature. You are beautiful! 


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How do you extend love towards your body? Comment below and let us know!

self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

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Stephanie Moir is a wife, mom, therapist and dog mom to her black lab, Bruce Lee. Stephanie has a passion for empowering women, helping them regain happiness and confidence during their therapy sessions. Afer the traumatic delivery of her son, she found the most happiness in taking some time for herself. She decided with her newly found insight, that she could help other women regain happiness and confidence too. I Care Crate, her self-care subscription box was born to make it easy for women to take a much-needed self-care break, regain happiness and confidence.

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