How to Let Go of Your Imperfections and See the Beauty

Do you struggle with your "flaws" and "imperfections?" Do you feel body-insecure or doubtful of yourself? Girl, you're not alone! Click through to read this inspiring blog post by Trish Taylor all about how to embrace your imperfections, dress to feel good, and grow in body confidence

We equate our body’s size to our self-worth. 

“You are not thin enough, tall enough, tan enough, your skin or hair isn’t flawless, your teeth could be whiter…” where is this invisible scale on which we measure ourselves? Honestly, it’s all around us. Of course, we hold ourselves to an impossible standard. This level of beauty is distributed to us daily. But we forget (yes, me too, guilty…party of one) that this constant deluge of incredible beauty on social media is mostly enhanced. A fact we are all painfully aware of, yet we still can’t shake the desire, no, the impractical need to appear like the living embodiment of our snapchat filters.

So, what happens when you look in the mirror, I mean really look? Are you disappointed? Self-critical? Or ashamed? I have been many times, and sometimes I just avoid the mirror entirely. Have you ever had days like that? I think so many of us suffer from these self-critical tendencies. As women, we keep rolling around in this vicious circle of self-doubt and insecurity, it’s hard to even recognize this self-destructive behavior. Well, that’s it… let’s break the cycle! We’ll do it together. It’s time to reframe your thinking and see yourself for the incredible, talented, smart, compassionate, beautiful woman that you ARE!

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As we constantly seek approval, we forget to celebrate our individuality! 

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You are one of a kind, completely unique, tailor-made. Your body, personality and soul should be celebrated not hidden away beneath the façade of filters. As a personal stylist, I empower women to love the skin they’re in, today! You are so much more likely to reach your potential, meet your goals and live your fullest life if you replace the negative self-talk with positivity.

Personal style can be an incredible tool for self-growth. Retail therapy, as in shopping, is the ultimate cure? Not really… more like, understanding your motivations and goals. It allows you to present your most confident, authentic self to the world. More confidence and style, sounds great, right? But how/why does this work? You’re still just the same old you and everyone else is still seemingly perfect. Well it’s time for you to feel perfect too, just the way you are.

Ready to learn how to unlock the illusive secret of incredible style and killer confidence? (Seriously, if you don’t want to turn heads or feel like the absolute best version of yourself… please don’t read any further, you’re in serious danger of loving what you see in the mirror!)

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1) Create a Vision Board

Yes, that’s right, a vision board. You’ve heard that saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well, that totally applies! What you’re currently doing isn’t working for you, so let’s change that! Get inspired and creative, have fun with this! The sky is the limit! What’s your dream job? Where would you love to live? Is there a fish, a cat, or a dog (maybe all three) in your future? Do you want a committed relationship? Would you like children? Do you want to travel? Or try every fancy restaurant in the state? Do you want to start/finish/continue your education? What else do you see for yourself…  

Now, take a look at this beautiful dream. Who is the women in this glorious life you’ve created? Is she… creative, confident, ambitious, married, single, employed or living off the grid? Who is she and what qualities do you need to work on to become this version of yourself? Once you know where you want to go, it is much easier to chart the course to get there.


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2) Figure Out Your Body Type

It’s not you, it’s the clothes. If you have trouble finding things that fit, you are not alone! Even though it would make all of our lives much easier, clothing is not one size fits all. But all you need to know is how to dress your body type and shopping will become infinitely easier. The goal is to create balance with our clothing. We are all striving to achieve a proportionate looking figure, right? Yes! We hate feeling like our thighs are too large for our frame (eh hem, as in MY thighs) or feeling like we’re top heavy. Balance out the larger part of your body with darker, solid colors and draw attention to your smaller parts with brighter, bolder, more voluminous pieces. Drawing the eye away from your larger parts creates the illusion of a perfectly proportionate shape.  

Not only will you start to love your body type because you’ll start playing up your favorite features, but you’ll also feel ten pounds lighter. When your clothing is working for you and not against you, you will start to love getting dressed in the morning!

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3) Determine your Style

Create a Pinterest Board. Follow your fashion pins deep into the Pinterest rabbit hole. Pin anything and everything that you think is cool, pretty or something you’d like to try. Twenty-thirty pins later, a pattern will emerge. You’ll start to see items you are drawn to. Are you feeling; preppy, classic, bohemian, edgy or minimalist?

Your style is a reflection of your personality. You can’t do it wrong if you are honest with yourself. I resonate with several, I’m a mixture of edgy, bohemian and minimalist (you should see my boards lol). It really speaks to who I am; a compassionate, creative, entrepreneur who loves nature, fashion and helping others. What does your style say about you?


4) Now, Put it All Together!

These three components are so telling. Knowing who you are and where you want to be in life will allow you to let go of the media's portrayal of the so called “perfect” exterior you are chasing. There is no need to try and become something you’re not. You are already perfect! Sometimes we just need a little reminder…

Your style let’s others know who you are without you even having to speak. Imagine if you exuded all the qualities you dreamed up on your vision board. If you start to believe this is a possibility, it can become your reality. Your new-found style and body confidence will trickle into all the other aspects of your life. Stop hiding. You are gorgeous inside and out. Now, go show the world what you’re made of!  


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How do you intentionally love your body? Share with us below!

self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

Author Bio:

Trish makes style easily accessible. With her compassionate approach, Trish gives her clients the style and confidence to discover their very best, most powerful selves. She has a unique ability to change the way people feel about themselves. Trish's mission statement is a simple, but powerful message: empower women to love what they see in the mirror, with a style that ‘fits’ not only their body type but their unique personality and distinct lifestyle as well. She has an adorable fur baby, loves dessert and can't get enough of nature! Being an introvert at heart has brought Trish even closer to her client's, understanding the need to be seen for who they truly are. Style is an incredible tool that can help transform your confidence. Join the Style Diary Challenge to uncover your style struggles and become the best version of yourself!

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