How to Live a Life Rooted in Joy with Christiana Miller

Do you want to live a life rooted in joy? Do you want to grow in body-confidence, self-esteem, fulfillment, happiness, and self-love? Click through to read this inspiring interview with Christiana Miller and be completely inspired and empowered to grow!

1| Welcome, Christiana! Thanks for being here. Can you start off by introducing yourself? Tell us your wildest dreams and passions, weird quirks and hobbies, and all of your favorite things. Give us the scoop! 

Hi! My Name is Christiana and I am a Christian/Lifestyle blogger. I am terrible at making lists of any kind, and I am kind of spontaneous. My dream is to travel the world while creating content, blogging, and perhaps start a YouTube channel someday. I never attended college after high school, instead, I started my own small business selling T-Shirts. I called my business Chris-Tees (kind of a play off my name) and I still sell T-Shirts to this day! So I’m a bit of a crazy entrepreneur who now works part time as a secretary. I love reading and photographing and exploring downtown coffee shops! 


2| Your online platform, Joyfully Christiana, is SUCH a positive, radiant, and wonderful place rooted in utter joy (which makes sense from the name). What inspired you to create this space?

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 You’re so kind, thank you! 

I wanted to start a blog for years but never knew how easy it was until last year. I knew that a lot of bloggers used Instagram as a platform to promote and so I guess that’s why I chose to start my account. I have only been public since July of 2017, but God as grown my account by amazing proportions since then, and I have been so blessed to make many new friends who I would not have otherwise met! My message is true joy because that is something that I am striving for daily. Joy is easier said than done. Sometimes life closes in on us, and it is in those times that I hope to inspire JOY! 

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3| You’re a huge advocate for chasing after huge dreams. What’s your top three pieces of advice for someone who is at the beginning stages of chasing their wildest dream?

If I could go back and tell my younger self something, I would probably say, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do amazing things. Don’t let anyone steal your passion. Don’t change who you are so others will accept you.”

For me, one of the biggest things that has gotten me where I am now is learning not to care what people think. I have experienced rejection, and I know that it does hurt. It hurts a lot, and the temptation to change so everyone will like you is very strong. But your dreams are what make you unique. 

  1. Be your whole, true, beautiful self.

  2. Don’t let people tell you that your dreams are impossible. Imagine if Thomas Edison had listened to all the people who said the light bulb was impossible.

  3. Work really hard for your dreams. Wishful thinking never got anyone anywhere. Someday you will look back and wish that you had started today, so start to work toward your dream TODAY!

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4| Creating a platform that is largely dependent upon social media can get tricky. It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison, self-doubt, and insecurity. How do you combat those feelings and stay in your own lane? 

Well, truth be told, sometimes I do struggle with those feelings and there is no secret recipe for defeating them. Whenever I start comparing myself to other people, I sometimes take a break from social media altogether to clear my head and get my focus back in the right place. I try to only post photos and captions that I am proud of. If I’m not proud of it, I don’t post it, and that is something that has really helped me to love my account without getting stuck in the comparison trap! The bottom line is this: there will always be someone who is better at everything, and you can’t compare yourself to that person. 

There are only two people you should ever compare yourself to, and they are your past self and your future self. Are you better than you were yesterday? How can you be better tomorrow than you are today? Those two questions can shape who you will become. 


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5| Your heart practically illuminates through my screen! Your positive energy and sweet spirit are seriously contagious. How do you maintain such a positive outlook on life and embody such joy on a day-to-day basis? 

If I am totally honest, I don’t always feel positive. There are days when I don’t post at all because I just don’t feel full of joy and I don’t want that to translate into my content. I think that God is truly molding each person into the best they can be, and sometimes you won’t always feel perfect, and thats okay. I used to feel highly pressured to post every day and make stories and keep very active, but lately I have been taking a step back and realizing that I don’t have to impress anyone. When I have a bad day, I try to remind myself of the positive things around me. I try to be thankful.

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self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

6| What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in this life? Share all the details with us! 

A while ago I went through a really tough season of life. It was essentially a breakup, and it was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. I was completely betrayed by someone who said they cared about me, and having them turn on me was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. I really struggled with doubts and thoughts of “why didn’t God let this work out the way I planned?” 
But then I realized that even though it hurt a lot, it wasn’t the way God wanted me to go. He had other plans for me, and now, looking back, I can see how flawed my own plan was and how much damage would have been done if everything played out like I planned. It really taught me that God knows what I need and he will not hesitate to pull me from the fire of my own foolishness even if it means I get scraped up in the process. I can’t begin to say how thankful I am that I went through that season of life. It is one of the points that has shaped me into who I am now. 

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7| Lastly, how do you want to impact the world around you? What do you want people to always remember about who you were and what you did? 

I used to think of the world as a whole, as a big globe full of billions of people who all needed to be reached with truth and joy. I would focus on the fact that I would never be able to reach them all, so “why even try?” Then my perspective changed, and I began to see the world as individuals who all need something. They all need love, and they all need someone to tell them that there is love to be found in Jesus. I realized that I don’t have to change the whole world, but I could change the world for one person. If there is anything I want people to remember about me, it would be that I put my whole self into everything I did. I don’t want to do anything halfheartedly, and I strive daily to create a legacy of hard work. 

My motto is this: “All I had, I gave it.” 



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self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

Author Bio:

Hi, my name is Christiana and I am a 20 year old blogger (who really sucks at making lists) and social media influencer. I am passionate about Jesus and helping people find out about the joy that can be found by trusting him! Coffee comes in a close second and I love to create new drink recipes and experiment. I started blogging last year in June (one year blog-iversary coming up!) and found that I really enjoyed writing and photography (although I don’t pretend to be a professional). If there is anything that I have learned on this journey of blogging, it is that people won’t always like you and that’s okay, just do you and love what you do! Good things come to those who work hard for their dreams! 

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