The Beauty of Pain + Why it Leads You to Success

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As human beings, we try to avoid pain at all costs. 

We want to ace the class, but we don’t want to read and study. We want to land our dream job, but we don’t want to do the presentation. We want to create a successful online platform, but we don’t want to embrace slow progress. We want to raise children, but we don’t want to go through labor. We want to be an artist, but we don’t want to go through the beginner stage. We want to leave our corporate job, but we don’t want to face uncertainty. The list goes on and on. 

We look for the “how to” guides and “ten-step” workbooks to give us the answers. We want the instant gratification of overnight success, true fulfillment, and the achievement of our wildest dreams. But as Steve Jobs once said, “Most overnight success took a long time.” Our wildest dreams don’t materialize in the blink of an eye, and if they did, we wouldn’t be ready to carry the weight of them. In order to rise up and meet our dreams, we have to grow, expand and mature. And growth is painful


The process is preparation, and the preparation is necessary. 

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If you are looking for the guide to quick success, read no further. But if you are looking for ways to embrace the slow progress, learn as much as possible in the hard seasons, and find solace in the painful parts of your journey, then this is for you. The truth is that each of us carry dreams, desires, and magical ideas inside of us. They are meant to see fruition. Your dreams of fulfillment, success, and happiness are meant to be reality, in fact, you can live in part of that reality right now. As long as you are living and breathing with purpose, chasing after the dreams in your heart, and doing the things that bring you joy, then you can live in success now. 

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Think about where you were a decade ago. Have you grown since then? Think about where you were five years ago. Has anything changed? Think about where you were at even one year ago. What have you accomplished? You are in the process right now. You are being prepared right now, and as you take action, move forward, and make minor pivots along the way, success will meet you. Your dreams will materialize. And you will step into the person you are called to be. 

Have you experienced deep pain? Depression? Anxiety? Sadness? Loneliness? We've all been there. It's painful, but I'm here to tell you that pain can be beautiful. Pain can lead you to greater fulfillment and success if you let it. It can lead to deeper self-love and self-care. Click through to read and be encouraged: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Pain is a part of the journey, and it is enabling you to carry the weight of your wildest dreams.

It may not feel good, and it isn’t fun, but pain is necessary for our growth, maturation, and expansion as human beings. The pain is what pushes us outside of our comfort zone and into our passion. It builds our character, strength, and stamina. It prepares us for the dream, the success, and the purpose we so long to live in. To express this thought further, here’s three reasons why pain is necessary for success:


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1| Pain is usually a result of failure, and failure is the greatest teacher. 

In many cases, pain is a result of some type of failure. Something didn’t go the way we thought it would, we came face to face with disappointment, and we started questioning who we are, why we are here, and how we can move forward. When we meet failure, it’s easy to feel defeated. It’s easy to feel every negative feeling that comes along with the failure and in the midst of it, lose sight of the lesson. Failure isn’t the end of your story. It’s a lesson in the middle that is going to propel you towards further success in life. If you will allow it, failure will be your greatest teacher. 

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2| Growing pains push you outside of your comfort zone & into your purpose. 

When you transitioned from middle school to high school, did you feel any amount of discomfort? When you faced the decision of what major to take in college, did you feel uncertain and maybe even frustrated? When you left your corporate job to pursue your side hustle full time, did you feel fear in any capacity? Every time we transition out of an old season and into a new one, it doesn’t feel good. There is so much uncertainty, doubt, questioning, and fear that comes along with it… BUT if you never take those leaps, make those transitions, and take those risks, you will never reach your fullest potential. You will never reach your wildest dream. Your growing pains are pushing you out of one season and into a new one - one that is filled with purpose and fulfillment. 


self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

3| Pain adds beauty to your story & enables you to form deep connections with others. 

The painful parts of your story are the ones that others will relate to most. Why? Because they prove that you are a human being that is imperfectly perfect. Painful experiences create room for meaningful connection, understanding, and valuable conversation. They open up the floor to anyone and everyone, and they say “Hey, me too. And you know what? I’m still enough. You’re still enough.” Every painful experience has molded and sculpted you into the person you are in this very moment. They have taught you things that you can’t ever unlearn. They contribute to the beauty, complexity, and intricacy that make up your being, and that is so valuable. 

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Embrace the process because it is preparing you. Feel the pain when it comes, and acknowledge that it is strengthening you. Every breath you inhale enables you to experience the next, and every painful experience is enabling you to carry the weight of your wildest dreams. 


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How has pain prepared you to live out your wildest dreams? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition

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