5 Ways to Love the Skin You’re In

Do you ever struggle to love your body? Do you struggle with self-doubt, body insecurity, and your overall self-love and self-acceptance journey? I have TOTALLY been there, sista. In today's post, I'm sharing a little bit of my journey and how I've learned to truly love the skin I'm in, embrace body positivity, and embark on the radical journey of self-love. If you want a boost in self-acceptance and self-love, click through to read!

As women, we often battle our bodies. 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and nit-picked at every blemish, curve, indentation, imperfection, and “flaw?”Have you ever hidden behind layers and layers of clothing because you felt like your body didn’t meet the standard of beauty? Have you ever felt so insecure about your appearance that you avoided a party, event, or social gathering? Girl, me too. You’re not alone, and insecurity is a REAL feeling that every single woman faces at some point in time. 

It isn't something that we can avoid entirely, but insecurity can be combated, and it should be. Why? Because you deserve to love yourself fully, wholeheartedly, and with reckless abandon. Your body deserves to receive grace as it fluctuates, be embraced throughout every season of life, and be loved for exactly what it is in this very moment. Learning to love your body will actually lead you to an even fuller, freer, more beautiful life. 


You deserve to live an unapologetic, extraordinary life, my love. 

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One of the components that is essential to living a full, confident, and beautiful life is loving yourself. Something happens when we embrace every curve and indentation, character trait and value, hair strand and texture, size and shape that makes up who we are. When we fully embrace, accept and love ourselves in our most authentic, real and honest form, it is in that moment that we have learned to truly love ourselves. And that is the start of a revolution. 

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Your body isn’t everything, but it is a part of you. It doesn’t define your worth, but it does enable you to live this life every single day. This is why it’s imperative that you love it, serve it, respect it, cherish it, have patience with it, and wholeheartedly embrace every intricacy of it. You deserve to be loved wholeheartedly, and your body is included in that. It deserves to be loved and cherished just like everything else that embodies you. So, here are five ways that you can start loving your body even more. 


5 Ways to Love the Skin You’re In: 

1| Your body is not like “hers.” It is unique to you, and you need to accept every part of it.

It’s time that we stop striving to make our bodies something that they are not and start embracing them for all that they are. What is unique about your body? Are you super tall or short? Do you have really cool freckles or birth marks? Are you curvier and stronger? Are you smaller and more built for long runs? Look at your body, every intricacy, lump, bump, roll, birth mark, and unique trait. Then, admire it. Accept it. Your body will never be like “hers” because it is YOURS. 

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2| Your body is not simply a reflection in the mirror. It is your home. Be thankful for all that it does for you.

We need to stop measuring our bodies simply by the reflection in the mirror. What does your body do for you on a day-to-day basis? It enables you to see, hear, walk, move, run, workout, speak, and smile. It enables you to live this life. Without it, it would be impossible to breathe. Think about that! Your body is working in thousands of different ways to keep you alive and give you the life that you deserve. Start shifting your insecure mindset towards an attitude of thankfulness. Be thankful for all that your body does for you. 

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3| Your body should be talked to kindly. Speak positively towards it and have respect for it. 

We have to stop putting ourselves down with our own thoughts and words. How do you speak to yourself? What do you say about your body? Is it a constant critic, judgement, or “you’re not good enough” message? Your body is a part of who you are, and like the rest of you, it deserves to be talked to in a kind manner. Start getting intentional about using positive affirmations, and any time you speak negatively towards your body, repay that negative comment with a positive one. Your confidence will skyrocket because of it! 


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4| Your body will not look like the girl’s on social media. Take a break from the screen and watch your confidence grow.

It’s time that we stop comparing our reality to curated feeds, edited pictures, and photoshopped lives. What you see on the screen is not an accurate depiction of the entirety of someone’s life. When you hop on social media, do you find yourself feeling a heightened level of insecurity? Do you feel like a failure? Like you're not good enough? Take a break from it all. Step away from the screen and back into reality. Do a media cleanse and become grounded in not only who you are but why that is always and forever good enough. 


5| Your body has needs and desires, and it is often speaking. Start listening to it. 

We need to stop fighting our body and depriving it. Have you ever set unrealistic health or fitness goals? Have you ever felt like you needed to rest but went to the gym anyways? Have you ever been craving something sweet and resisted the urge only to binge eat later? Your body is always speaking, and by listening to what it wants (within reason), you will find a sense of balance. Yes, eat nourishing foods and get your body moving, but also listen when your body is speaking. Take a rest day when you need to and eat a piece of chocolate when you want it. The key to living a healthy life is finding balance in it all. 

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Your body is a living, breathing, beautiful work of art, and it deserves to be embraced wholeheartedly. Start taking action towards embracing it, loving it, and being confident in it. You deserve that!


It’s time to embrace yourself body, mind, and soul with OPEN arms. No more negative self-talk, body insecurity, and self-doubt. Download our FREE e-book, EMBRACE, and start taking action towards releasing the doubt and claiming your truth today.

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