10 Ways to Love Your Body in a Deeper Way

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Accepting our bodies is a huge step towards accepting ourselves.

One day in February of this year, had a revelation. I thought to myself, “What if I start accepting and loving myself by taking care of my body? What if I shift my mind from doing things because I feel like I have to do them to doing things because I love doing them?” You are probably wondering why I was asking myself these questions. At the beginning of this year I was at a point where I was done with not feeling good in my own skin. And, you know, I hadn’t been feeling great for about a year, which led me to restrict foods and work out in order to change my appearance instead of focusing on self care. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling awesome, although I was living what I thought was a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. 

One day it hit me: What I was doing wasn’t healthy at all. So I decided to make some changes and do things out of self compassion instead of doing them because I felt like I wasn’t enough. 

I have been on this self care journey for about 6 months, and I haven’t looked back, not one single day. I’m in a much better place because I finally understood this one thing: I already am enough. My life now is so much more colorful and so much more full of joy than it was before. I’m doing well at sports because I finally have the energy. I even ran a 10k race, which is something that my body would not have been able to do before. (Or at least I wouldn’t have had the strength to prepare for a run like that). I’m very proud of how far I’ve come with this, and I really wish for all women to feel the same way.

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So, today I want to share with you ten ways to help you accept and maybe even love your body in a deeper way:

1| Make peace with food

For me, eating intuitively and finding my freedom with food has helped me to love my body more. I now feel like I can eat whatever I want whenever I want. There are no ‘bad’ foods or drinks.


2. Do sports that you love

Horseback riding, badminton, running - those are all sports that I love and that are so much more fun when I have eaten well and rested well before doing them. When I work out, I don’t do it to look a certain way anymore, but to strengthen my body.


3. Start listening to your body & mind

Sometimes, with all the things we have to do we don’t take the time to really listen to our inner voice, but that is exactly what we should do most when things get hectic. Stop for a moment and listen to yourself: What do you need right now? How does your body feel? If you feel tired, make sure to get some rest. If you feel hungry, make sure to eat something.


4. Meditate

Sitting still at least once a day, even if it’s just for five to ten minutes has helped me so much to stay focused on how my body and mind feel. Just check in with yourself once a day, see how you feel, and plan your day accordingly.


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5. Be mindful of who you follow on social media

I’m a part of a very supportive and positive community on social media, and I’m very grateful for that. It helped me take a closer look at the accounts I was following and ask myself whether their content made me feel anything less than awesome. I now choose carefully with who I follow and what kind of content shows up in my feed.


6. Love your body for what it does for you

I learned this one from one of the beautiful women in my online community. Rini from Own it Babe continually emphasizes that our bodies do pretty awesome things for us. For example, I am grateful for my legs because they let me walk and run. I’m shifting the focus away from what they look like and towards the amazing things they do for me. 


7. Accept those days when you don’t feel good

Most of us don’t feel amazing or even good every single day, and that’s totally okay. There have been days and there still are days where I don’t like my body. And that’s okay, too. I know that it’s not going to last, so I don’t freak out about it. I just go about my day, and I take extra good care of myself.


8. Treat yourself & enjoy life

Feeling like a spa day, a massage or going to the park and laying on the grass all day? Try and make the time to do these things. Eat that ice-cream, have a lazy day, meet your friends, stay out for too long - ENJOY LIFE!

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9. Shift your focus away from what your body looks like

I found that once I didn’t obsess about food and workouts anymore, I wasn’t so aware of what my body actually looked like. Instead, I was aware of how it felt. I was able to use that space in my mind for other things, like thinking and writing about the world or doing my art. And believe me, these things are much more deserving of your time.


10. Don’t rush this

I know this seems like a lot to take in. Don’t worry, you don’t have to love your body right this moment for the rest of your life. As I said, there are days when we don’t feel as good, and that’s fine. Take your time with this and be kind to yourself during your own unique self-love journey.


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Author Bio:

Julie Henning was born in Germany and, before moving to Berlin, has lived in Japan, the UK and Canada. Through living in different places around the world she discovered that self care plays a huge role in how she developed as a human being. Julie is passionate about sharing her self care journey on Instagram and how it positively influences her mind and body each day. She is an advocate for female empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights and body positivity. Through sharing her story Julie hopes to inspire others to accept themselves and the diverse beauty we see in our world.

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