Her Messy, Beautiful, and Continual Journey to Becoming an Artist with Anna Nùñez

Are you a creative? An artist? Do you ever struggle with the long journey an artist hast to face? Maybe you deal with comparison, doubt, insecurity, and feeling like a total amateur. Well, sista you're not alone! The journey to becoming an artist or a creative in general is long but beautiful. It's filled with life lessons, personal growth, and learning lots about self-love. Click through to read this blog post with Anna Nunez - an artist sharing her journey to becoming a full time artist!

*Photos by Anna Núñez and Jesús Núñez

1. Hi Anna! Welcome to the blog space. Can you start by introducing yourself and sharing some fun facts and weird quirks? Give us the down low!

Hey there! Thank you so much for inviting me into this space! My name is Anna Núñez, and I’m a multi-passionate artist, working as a designer and illustrator – from my home-base in Fort Myers, FL. I am such a weirdo, with many quirks, and thankfully, I’m married to a guy whose weirdness may even top mine. (All the shenanigans are best represented on my insta-stories.) At the end of the day, the two of us share big dreams of living out a life that is full of creative pursuits and travel.

Fun facts… I love ice cream more than any other food on this planet. I was a real nerd in school/college. I love trash reality t.v. shows. My mom is my bff. 


2. Can you share a little bit about your journey to becoming an artist? Have you always loved art or did something specific spark your interest?

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I would say that I’ve always known deep down that I would become an artist. Even during the phases of my life when I am the most skeptical (yes, skeptical still), there’s usually an underlying acknowledgement that this really is the right path for me to continue on. Even if and when the path veers – I know I’m still on the right track

My journey so far is kind of a long one- and it’s still progressing, as I am so young. The short version is that after a full childhood and education of making things, I decided to continue to explore my calling in art at a university where I studied studio art and minored in marketing and advertising. That was an amazing decision in itself and opened a lot of doors for me to try out different media, as I searched for my creative voice. I ended up landing on illustration and design about half way through, and via a social media connection, I interned with an incredible branding agency (now friends), who showed me what it could look like to work for myself, and create things for a living. 

Fast forward and I now get to say that I have my own business as a designer, while I explore other creative passions (photography, styling, painting) all at the same time

It hasn’t come without struggles or doubts, but the ride’s been really great so far and I’m excited to see what comes next.


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3. In Volume 3 of The Authentic Woman, you share a little bit about “demystifying” the life of the artist (unattainable, perfection, and just a dream). Could you pull back the curtains and share a few of the truths behind working full-time as an artist? 

I think the biggest thing I’ve realized is that the life of an artist is so attainable, but it could very well take a lifetime to attain it. Ya just gotta stay committed to refining your craft, and growing every day. I’ve spent 23 years deciding that this is the kind of life I want to have, and I think I’ll spend the rest of my life refining and re-defining what being an artist looks like and means to me. 

I’ve also realized in the process of stepping further into this identity that perfectionism is comparable to fear – and a concept that will only ever delay your work and steal all the fun. I, you, we, will never be perfect. The true take away is that to be an artist, you need not to be perfect. And that’s awesome.

My last truth, a big one that I’ve realized in the process of working for myself, is that working as an artist does not come without struggles. The grass really is always a bit greener on the other side of things, and although I prefer my work to a typical 9-5, I would never imply that my job doesn’t come with a brand new set of challenges.


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4. As someone who contributes their art for a living, I’m sure you often experience moments where it’s hard to feel inspired and creative. What are a few things you do to stay inspired about the work you do?

Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, it’s usually because I’m feeling overwhelmed – and I think ideas don’t have a lot of room to grow in a very crowded, stressed mind. (Or at least my mind). What I find helps me get back into the zone of feeling inspired, is to pause like seriously pause - shut my phone off, go for a walk, read a book (especially art history books), or reflect on the things that I enjoy about making art.

Pinterest is my jam, and I LOVE me some Instagram – but those spaces notoriously breed insecurity, and I think that they can often limit inspiration because they only show us what’s already been done, or being done. As opposed to a book or an idea that comes up on a walk – two examples of sources that inspire me to bring something new into being which hasn’t quite been done yet. 

Being alone with our thoughts can be a scary thing sometimes, but it can be so liberating and inspiring, if we’re willing to start that conversation. 


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5. What are your top three pieces of advice for the aspiring artist, perhaps a few things you wish you knew a few years ago?

Gosh. I’m still learning. But I love to share the advice that I’ve been fortunate enough to receive along my journey.

  1. Work Leads to Work – to quote my drawing professor. I love and live by this mantra. The idea is not that which should overwhelm you, but remind you of the reality that your best work could be our next work as an artist – and you’re only ever going to know this if you keep working at it. Balance things out. Take baby steps. Don’t kill yo self. But above, all it’s important to never stop working towards the life you want.

  2. Good things take time. I say this a lot too - and I believe it to my core. There’s no such thing as overnight success, and there’s room for everyone at the top – to quote Elizabeth Kirby of Local Milk.

  3. Be a kind person. Always. You get so much farther in this life with kindness and a willingness to share, than you do as a closed off, competitive artist. And as you exercise this kindness, genuine relationships will form and incredible doors could open through the connections that are made.


6. What does being an authentic woman mean to you?

It means being my weird, ice cream loving, childlike dreaming, passionately creative self. It means holding fast to my personal values in love, faith and community. And standing firm in my calling to spend my lifetime creating artwork. 


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self esteem-self confidence-body image-self love-empowerment definition


Anna Núñez is an artist who lives and works as a freelance designer in Southwest Florida. Her process is deeply rooted in illustration and hand crafted type, as she specializes in logo design and the development of branding essentials with a range of clients. She’s got a Jessica Day sense of humor and believes strongly in the art of listening and collaborating.

Núñez graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2017 with her bachelor’s in Studio Art, and double minors in Marketing and Advertising. It was during this time that she developed her passion for fine artwork, while simultaneously building her career in design. During the week, she is devoted to her client relationships and the progress of projects at hand. In the evenings and on the weekends, she paints, writes, styles, photographs, helps her mother run their handmade clothing company, travels with her husband and so on. Always looking for opportunities to expand her range of creative talent as an artist and creative entrepreneur, and in turn, finding avenues of channeling those experiences back into her illustration and design work.

Connect with Anna over on her website & Instagram!