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How to Stop Letting Fear Hold You Back: A Guide to Gaining Clarity + Getting Closer to Your Dreams 

Have you ever felt paralyzed? 

Really think about it. Have you ever put off the dreams and desires living and breathing on the inside of you? Have you ever felt anxious about taking the leap of faith? Have you ever said “Tomorrow is the day” only to get there and still put it off? Have you ever felt so scatter-brained about who you are, where you are going, and what you want to do with your life? Good news: you’re not alone. 

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How to Escape Your Comfort Zone for GOOD!

They’re different for every person. They change with culture, upbringing, beliefs, lifestyles, and – get this – circumstances. Extroverted people will have different areas of comfort than introverted people. Musicians will (probably) have different comfort zones than mathematicians. (I just say this because I’m a musician, and very much not a mathematician.) Comfort zones aren’t all bad until they start controlling your life.

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