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4 Ways to Tackle Job Uncertainty

“You are a sophomore now, I recommend you choose a major very soon.” 

Those words pressured me to the point of picking up a book filled with a list of majors. Right there and then I flipped through the list and picked the one my finger fell on: Communication Sciences and Disorders. {Quickly googling the job placement statistics…..98%. Holy goodness, dad would be proud.}  

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5 Ways to Tap into Your Creativity

I never used to consider myself to be a creative person.

When I was young, I loved to draw and do arts and crafts, but as I grew older I focused more on school and sports. I remember always feeling moved by art though. I would watch a good film, see a pink and orange sunset, or listen to music and just feel this pull. This pull to create something that would invoke others to feel something, just as art in its various forms, made me feel something.

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