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Do you feel like…


You don’t measure up? You see all of these standards, expectations and ideals being pushed in front of your face through so many media outlets. They put one type of woman on display and suggest that she is the definition of perfection. When you look in the mirror, you don’t see a reflection of this woman so you’re left feeling completely insecure and doubtful of yourself. 


You are so alone in your struggle? Do you scroll through Instagram and see beautiful faces, perfect jobs and dreamy vacations and feel like you’re the only one struggling? Like you’re the only one who faces depression, body insecurities, shame, doubt and fear? 


You need someone to stand with you? Now more than ever, do you feel like you need a strong community to stand with you rather than against you? A community that sees the gems buried inside of you and calls them forth? People that speak life into your heart and hope into your soul?


Did you resonate with any of the above? If so, you are not alone, and you are in the right place.


The truth is…


Who you are in this very moment is always and forever enough. Despite what the media suggests, how perfect other people appear online or how alone you may feel, your worth is absolutely evident. Bravery, boldness and confidence are woven into your very DNA, and it’s available for you to access at any time. Your identity, story and life are so worthy and valuable


Imagine if…


You could access the bravery within you? What if you could overcome your greatest, fears, doubts and insecurities in this very moment by accessing the bravery that’s already there?

You could hear about other people’s struggles? What if you could see real women sharing real stories and life lessons that weren’t put through the filter of social media? 

You had access to a strong, supportive community? What if you weren’t as alone as you thought? What if you could access a beautiful, strong, supportive group of ladies willing to empower you? 


Want to know a secret? You can do all of these things. Absolutely all of them.

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Women are speaking out, standing tall and exposing the truth. We are sharing the deepest parts of our stories, failures, victories, and everything in-between. We are creating a new standard - one that accurately displays both the beauty and complexity of this life. 

‘Bravery Rising’ rests on the premise that each of us carry boldness, confidence and bravery at our core. It is hardwired into our makeup. Life isn’t lived to the fullest extent without the expression of bravery. We aren’t able to walk in our purpose and live at our highest potential without choosing to be brave. And yeah, bravery is scary. It requires risk, failure, and courage. Bravery teaches us to embrace failure - to look it in the eyes, observe it, learn from it, stand up tall and try again. It teaches us that failure isn’t the end of the story but a lesson learned.

When we can access the bravery within us and boldly share our true, authentic and real story with the world, we create a strong foundation where women are empowered to be themselves. We create a new standard. One that empowers women to be wholeheartedly themselves. This issue of The Authentic Woman features powerful women sharing real stories about their struggles, doubts, fears and insecurities. It’s full of raw, honest conversation that is meant to invite you close and show you that you are not alone. 


You are never alone. 


Join the Un-Edited and Airbrush Free Movement 


No woman has been or ever will be re-touched in this publication


We believe that every woman should be empowered to live in her most authentic, real and honest form which is why we do not retouch any of our models. Not only does this create a false expectation and standard for women all over the world, but it suggests that women aren’t good enough as themselves. We are here to voice that every woman is absolutely stunning. Her identity is beauty, and she doesn't have to change anything about herself to be good enough. She already is. 

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Volume II: Bravery Rising [Print Edition]
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Ashley Beaudin is an inspirational speaker, heart encourager and messaging strategist to creative women. She is the visionary behind #theimperfectboss; a movement that is inspiring tens of thousands of creative women to become real and confident in life and business. When she is not out there inspiring and gathering women, you'll likely find her going heart eyes over bright colors or looking for a fun donut shop.


Janelle Brown is the Certified Life Coach and Business Strategist behind Fearfully Fashioned. Her mission is to coach and educate women to fashion a life & business that they and God love. Janelle helps her clients to find clarity, uncover their purpose, and then pursue their God-given business vision. When she’s not coaching, you can find her indulging in a great book (and a cup of coffee) and exploring the city of Atlanta. Click here to gain free access to her Resource Closet, a free library of resources designed to help you fashion a life that you and God love.

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Mikayla Christiansen is a fashion and portrait photographer located in North Carolina. She serves in the Triangle area as well as her hometown, Sanford. She is is a small town barista and photographer. She is passionate about story telling and visual imagery. Her heart is where her passion lies -- people. She is passionate about loving people, coffee shop dates, and sharing Jesus. 


Anna Haddock is the author and creator of The Coffee Table blog. She is 21 years of age & a Meredith College Student. She has a great love for coffee & Raleigh, North Carolina. On a regular day, you can find her sitting in a Raleigh coffee shop, cappuccino in hand, working on communication and social media. She loves sharing the pretty little things in life & hopes to always bring encouragement and a smile to the face of her followers. 


Shelby is a hairstylist in Raleigh, NC. She has worked at J&F Gemelli Salon for the past 6 years. She has a passion for making others feel and look beautiful. Shelby has studied and learned from some of the best in the industry. In the past, she launched a blog where people could go and learn more about hair and how to best take care of their hair at home. She strives to help others in all aspects of life and looks for ways to give back to others. 


Diana is a 24 year old writer, adventurer and aspiring teacher. She's also the creator of My Lovelier Days, a self-affirming, adventure lusting, positive lifestyle blog all bundled up in one! If she's not at home with a book in one hand and coffee in the other, you can find her outdoors, the place she feels most at home. She is  incredibly passionate about spreading positivity and self-affirmation through truth in the midst of this chaotic mess we call life.

IMG_0497Taylor Lee.jpg

Taylor Lee is an abstract painter, motivational writer, and an eating-disorder survivor. She is from North Carolina and currently works out of her studio in Charlotte. She uses her expressive artwork to stir feelings within her audience, and to help them see the beauty in themselves, despite their flaws and scars. Taylor hopes that her paintings will inspire others to move into a place of acceptance and self-love, and to ultimately end the loneliness that plagues those who are mentally ill. 


Ashton is the founder of The Authentic Woman, a platform that empowers women to live authentically as themselves. She firmly believes that women have the power to shift culture, eradicate unjust standards and ultimately change the world. When she's not working with her  husband, she is most likely sipping on a cup of local coffee, swooning over pottery or adding to her succulent collection.


Lindsay Knox McVety is a southern born and raised Christian woman from North Carolina. She’s a self-proclaimed foodie, adventure enthusiast, and the creator of Eat Pray Wife, a lifestyle blog about all things food, faith and family! She has a huge heart for people, especially those in need of a little extra tlc. She spends her days working with global faith-based organizations to promote sustainable resources for development and growth, both locally and abroad. Both serious and passionate about the things she finds important, Lindsay is truly a lover of people and wants nothing more than to be remembered as the woman who would stop at nothing to help a stranger. She is currently living in Toronto, Canada with her wonderful husband working alongside him at Canada Christian College. With a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Professional Counseling, her future plans involve working first hand with women who have experienced trauma and abuse, specifically rehabilitating survivors or human trafficking. 


Bethany is the Founder of The Free Woman, a movement encouraging feminine hearts to lead lives of goodness, beauty and justice in every area of influence. She lives in Melbourne, Australia and can never say no to a good soy latte. A freelance writer and creative at heart, she values honesty and uncontrollable laughter.

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Photo Feb 23, 9 49 04 AM.jpeg

Summer is a full-time blogger who’s fueled by strong coffee, grace, athleisure, and all things cozy. She’s all about having authentic and intentional conversations about personal growth and life, the joys and the sorrows. Summer believes that being vulnerable with yourself and others is one of the most freeing superpowers that you can unlock during your life. She loves Chick-Fil-A sauce, indie tunes, and long drives alone with the windows down. Summer is after a life full of authenticity and truth, and she hopes you’ll join her in this journey. 


Kaylan is a content strategist and manager for online entrepreneurs through her brand Bushel & Bunch. She works to help women create and grow the businesses of their dreams through heart-centered content and strategic content marketing. She's a heavy coffee drinker, an honorary Gilmore Girl, and loves to read old mystery novels. 


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