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want to uncover your purpose, cultivate radical confidence, and start living out your wildest dreams?

I thought so. 

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Do you feel…

Lost in the pursuit of your wildest dreams? Do you scroll through Instagram and see that girl launching her course, that girl traveling the world, and that other girl experiencing radical confidence? Then, you look in the mirror and wonder where exactly you fit in…


Insecure about who you are? Do you ever feel like who you are just isn’t enough? You see so many other people succeeding in life, taking huge leaps forward, and doing it all with such confidence. Then, you look at yourself and only see flaws


Like you are alone? Do you ever observe other people on social media and think to yourself “How do they make it all look so effortless and perfect?” When you look at your life, you see everything but perfection…


Oh girl, you are so in the right place. 


The truth is…


You are living and breathing with purpose. In fact, your purpose is buried deep down on the inside of you in this very moment, and all it takes is some time, process, and intention to uncover it. The process of this life is preparing you to carry the weight of your wildest dream, and even now, you are becoming stronger. 

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Imagine if…


~You looked in the mirror and saw beauty, purpose, and worth

~You no longer felt alone in this journey because you got to hear about other people’s pain, insecurities, victories, failures, beauty, and mess. 

~You woke up every day knowing that you are living and breathing with a purpose.


Want to know a secret? You can do all of these things.


Identity revived

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The Authentic Woman Volume 3: Identity Revived conveys the truth that we are all living and breathing with a divine purpose. We are not here to simply take up space, but to uncover the magic within us and share it with the world. Every breath we breathe is preparing us to carry the weight of our wildest dreams. And through the process of uncovering our identity, we become closer and closer to achieving what our heart’s desire most. 


This volume is full of real women sharing real life stories of pursuing their wildest dreams. They share about defeat, success, failure, victory, insecurity, bravery, beauty and mess - because life is not either or. It is both and. It is both extraordinary and really hard. It is filled with both failure and great success. And all of the moving parts of life make it even deeper, richer, and fuller. 

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Identity Revived will not only reveal the truth that you have a purpose, but it will also remind you that you are not alone as you uncover it. This volume will eradicate the feeling of loneliness and doubt and proclaim the truth that you have a divine purpose… 


and it is up to you to uncover it and live it out. 


Join the un-edited and airbrush free movement.

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No woman has been or ever will be re-touched in this publication.

We believe that every woman should be empowered to live in her most authentic, honest, and real form, which is why we do not retouch any of our models. Not only does this create a false expectation and standard for women, but it suggests that women aren’t good enough as themselves. We are here to voice that every woman is absolutely stunning. Her identity is beauty, and she doesn’t have to change anything about herself to be good enough. She already is. 



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Amanda Johnson

Amanda is a senior Fashion Merchandising/Apparel Design major at Georgia Southern University. In her spare time, she loves to sew, cook, and curate her blog (Sequins and Sales)! She is an outspoken feminist on her campus concerning issues with community and the world at large. This is truly because she believes in equality as well as the fact that sitting back and not speaking out is also supporting the oppressor. She was really excited about the opportunity to collaborate with The Authentic Woman because she has benefited from testimonial of other women before and hopes that by sharing her story, she will be able to do the same for others.


Connect with Amanda over on her website & Instagram!


Amanda Katherine Loy

Amanda Katherine Loy is a health & wellness coach, actor, author and podcast host of the Live Your F*ck Yes Life podcast! After healing from multiple quarter life crises, job burnout and a series of destructive habits around exercise and food, she was inspired to pay it forward. Today, she spends her days empowering women to ditch the diet, find JOY in fitness and feel confident from the inside out. Her passion runs deep for wellness, self care and play, and she'll have you crashing into the fear and finding the courage to say YES to your best self. When she's not working, you can find her having kitchen dance parties, taking the latest personality test, singing at the top of her lungs or snuggling up with her husband and goldendoodle pup.


Connect with Amanda over on her website & Instagram!


Anna NúñEz

Anna Núñez is an artist who lives and works as a freelance designer in Southwest Florida. Her process is deeply rooted in illustration and hand crafted type, as she specializes in logo design and the development of branding essentials with a range of clients. She’s got a Jessica Day sense of humor and believes strongly in the art of listening and collaborating.

Núñez graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2017 with her bachelor’s in Studio Art, and double minors in Marketing and Advertising. It was during this time that she developed her passion for fine artwork, while simultaneously building her career in design. During the week, she is devoted to her client relationships and the progress of projects at hand. In the evenings and on the weekends, she paints, writes, styles, photographs, helps her mother run their handmade clothing company, travels with her husband and so on. Always looking for opportunities to expand her range of creative talent as an artist and creative entrepreneur, and in turn, finding avenues of channeling those experiences back into her illustration and design work.


Connect with Anna on her website & Instagram!


Ashton Smith

Ashton is the founder of The Authentic Woman, a platform that empowers women to live authentically as themselves. She firmly believes that women have the power to shift culture, eradicate unjust standards and ultimately change the world. When she's not working with her husband, she is most likely sipping on a cup of local coffee, swooning over pottery or adding to her succulent collection.


Connect with Ashton over on her Instagram!


Bryanna Bach 

Bryanna Bach is a fashion + travel blogger and content creator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the creator of the blog, Coming in Clutch, she believes that adventure is the key to always coming in clutch. Whether it be in the clothes you wear or the places you explore, adventure is at the heart of it all. Named after her family’s motto, Coming in Clutch has allowed Bryanna to connect with motivated and forward-thinking woman, creating innovative and engaging content while offering inspiration that will always come in clutch. Her favorite way to live a purposeful, authentic, and influential life is to create and explore anything and everything she can get her hands on. 


Connect with Bryanna over on her website & Instagram!


Carly Hartman

Carly Hartman has been an entrepreneur since 2013. Some of her talents include social media marketing, designing, photography, and event coordinating.  She started her first official business, Picks With Purpose in 2013, right after graduating high school. Her second business, Pageant 360, an inner beauty movement to empower young women to be world changers, began in 2014. She has loved photography since 2010, and started pursuing it passionately in 2012. Her goal is to utilize her talents in as many impactful ways as possible. Finally, Carly is a social media executive coach that trains teams how to effectively use the power of social media to the grow their online presence!


Connect with Carly over on her website & Instagram!



Kate Ashbrook 

Kate is a mental health and lifestyle blogger who feels led to share her heart and her  story to make others not feel so alone in theirs. In a world that can be full of trial, tribulation, hurt, defeat, and other hardships, it can often cloud our minds and hinder us from seeing the light. She hopes that in sharing her journey, it can provide that little bit of sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds, the solace of a deep breath, a hug to those who might feel lonely, and a sense of "okay, I'm not alone in this and I am worthy and deeply loved despite my hardship.”


Connect with Kate over on her Instagram!


Kay Hillman

Kay is a cereal loving, multi-passionate entrepreneur in Atlanta,GA. Her passions include wedding and portrait photography, academic life coaching, inspiring creatives, and building community. Her goal in life is to help young adults navigate life by walking in their truth and purpose. It is her mission to make life easier whether she is taking pictures or giving advice on how often you should change your tire. She helps individuals get their life in order and captures every moment of it with her camera.


Connect with Kay over on her website & Instagram!


Olivia Alnes

Olivia Alnes is a writer, photographer, and nonprofit leader based in Fargo, ND. She is passionate about seeing young world-changers and dreamers equipped to live healthy and whole lives. She is a storyteller, a mentor, and believes in calling out the gold in people. Most days you can find her laughing with her husband Caleb and drinking way too much coffee while dreaming up a new idea. Barnes & Nobel is her happy place, so you can probably find her there too. 


Connect with Olivia on her website & Instagram!



Rini Frey

Rini is an eating disorder recovery coach and educator, health and lifestyle blogger, fitness instructor and social media influencer. She is working with women who want to find peace with food and their bodies and live a life free of rules and restrictions.

Her mission is to help women embrace their bodies as they are and focus on what their bodies are capable of instead of what they look like, so they can take the wheel and finally take action in creating the life they always dreamed of.


Connect with Rini over on her website & Instagram!


Ellen Walker

Ellen has a passion for illustration, design and creating! She went to school for Art Education: Painting and Drawing and has recently found a love for transforming garments into pieces of wearable art and educating others about Fast Fashion. She considers her work with Ellen Walker Design a gift to others; wether it's a logo for their website, a wedding invitation, artwork for their home, or wearable art. Ellen is inspired by the natural world, scientific illustration, world travel and sustainable fashion. Growing up in the mountains of Northern California and traveling the world at a young age had a huge impact on her artistic passions. You are most likely to find Ellen working in her studio or gathering with friends with tacos and a margaritas in hand!


Connect with Ellen over on her Etsy Shop or Instagram!



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