The Authentic Woman Series


Here you will find our entire digital back-catalog of The Authentic Woman Series: our interactive book series designed to awaken the confidence, identity, and bravery that already lives within. Think book, meets magazine, meets self-help guide. These beauties are released bi-annually and feature non-retouched photography, real, raw stories, and prompts so you can implement all that you are learning into your own life. They showcase one-hundred pages of women showing up, speaking out, and embodying extraordinary confidence. Each new release will be uploaded to this space for you to enjoy! Feel free to download these and save them to your digital library so you can read at any time!

Volume 4.jpg

Volume IV

Confidence Embodied


Volume 2.jpg

Volume III

Identity Revived

Volume 3.jpg

Volume II

Bravery Rising

Volume 1.jpg

Volume I

Beauty Unleashed