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FREE Journal Prompts and affirmations, cultivate the practice of listening to your heart, receiving clarity, and uncovering the magic within.

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Sometimes you just need a refresh: a little nudge to resist the noise and tune into that inward voice. Cause sista, that’s where SO many of the answers can be found. This is why we created The Awakening: a FREE membership of resources to help you transform self-doubt into extraordinary self-worth.

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Monthly Journal Prompts

Start your month off with these journaling prompts designed to lead you to cultivate the practice of listening to your heart, receiving clarity, and uncovering the magic within.

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Monthly Positive Affirmations

Use this positive affirmations bundle to immerse yourself in truth, become grounded, and manifest your biggest dreams.

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Use these phone backgrounds to stay inspired, motivated, and positive as we enter into a brand new month.




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I absolutely love the Authentic Woman! My favorite part is the prompts that make you self-reflect. This is so important because we need time to sit with ourselves and become more self aware of how we can challenge our inner-critic. I can only imagine what the world would be like if all content was created in this way, especially for teenage girls.

-Hanha Hobson


I don’t know how or why, but when I found The Authentic Woman, I dove deep into a tornado of rediscovery! I began dealing with emotions that had been hidden for so long, and I had a new and more powerful love and passion for my life and future! I am so thankful to have come across a platform that so much wants you to discover the person you are, to help you reach the confidence you’ve always dreamt of, while letting you know how amazing and powerful you are everyday!

-Nicole Romano


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