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Hey Lovely!

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My name is Ashton Smith, founder of The Authentic Woman.

 I teach women how to radically love their body, pursue their wildest dreams, and change the freaking world. I regularly implement the multiple-cups-of-coffee-a-day policy, purchase way too many pottery pieces, and truly believe that my plant-babies are family.


Read on for the rest.


I used to be the girl who wallowed in self-doubt, hid her imperfections, and searched for her worth in external relationships.

When my toxic relationship of nearly five years finally ended, I went into a spiral of self-doubt, extreme insecurity (specifically about my body), and isolation. I didn’t know who I was, where I wanted to go, and why I wasn’t worthy enough to experience deep love, true confidence, and a purposeful life. 


Without knowing it, I embarked on the revolutionary journey of radical self-love. 

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It took a lot of time, healing, learning and growing, but eventually I found radical self-love. I became rooted and grounded in purpose. & I figured out how I could help you do the same. These days I’m listening to my heart, loving my reflection in the mirror, doing things that I’m passionate about, brainstorming wild ideas with my husband, and living the FREEST life I ever have. 


My mission? 

To help you achieve the radical-self love you deserve, live out those wild dreams swirling around in that beautiful head of yours, and start manifesting all of the desires living and breathing in your heart. And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Those dreams? They’re too big. Those ideas? They’ve been done before. My body? It isn’t the best,” then I’m talking to you


You were meant to live the FREEST, FULLEST life of your dreams. And it all starts with radical self love. It starts with YOU. 

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