Vol I: Beauty Unleashed [Deluxe Edition]

Vol I: Beauty Unleashed [Deluxe Edition]


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The Authentic Woman is an interactive series that is awakening the confidence, identity and bravery in women. This deluxe edition includes a workbook written by the founder, Ashton Long. 

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The Authentic Woman is an interactive series that is awakening the confidence, identity and bravery in women. Volume 1: Beauty Unleashed gives every woman permission to live in her most authentic, real and honest form. It eradicates the world’s standard of beauty in order to allow every woman to walk in her identity as a beautiful human being. It leads women in the journey of discovering their purpose through grasping their worth and value first.

'Beauty Unleashed' contains three sections - Discover, Embrace and Transform. Because beauty is multi-dimensional and most definitely not limited to our appearance, we are providing a new and fresh perspective on what it means to be a beautiful woman and why it is already a part of our identity. This is more than just a book - it is an interactive series in which 12+ women provide practical steps for the reader to take after reading each piece. It is designed to create lasting impact by providing prompts for reflection and application.

Compiled of stunning photography, original pieces, poetry and prompts, The Authentic Woman is specifically designed to spark your inner-creativity, inspire your heart to well up with passion and create lasting impact in your life. 

In this deluxe edition, there is a workbook included entitled "You are Beauty," written by founder of The Authentic Woman, Ashton Long. In this workbook, the reader is guided through a journey of overcoming insecurity and stepping into bravery, confidence and boldness. It contains free space for the reader to respond to prompts and take action after reading. It's a great way to even further apply the topics discussed in The Authentic Woman: Beauty Unleashed.

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You are Beauty


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