Vol III: Identity Revived [Print Edition]

Vol III: Identity Revived [Print Edition]

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The Authentic Woman is an interactive series that is awakening the confidence, identity and bravery in women. In Identity Revived, we are conveying the truth that we are all living and breathing with a divine purpose. We are not here to simply take up space, but to uncover the magic within us and share it with the world. Every breath we breathe is preparing us to carry the weight of our wildest dreams. And through the process of uncovering our identity, we become closer and closer to achieving what our heart’s desire most. 


Identity Revived is composed of three sections, Uproot, Unearth, Unravel. These sections will take the reader on a journey of looking within, discovering their true magic and unleashing it into the world. All of the answers we are looking for are not far away; they are buried deep within.


This is more than just a book or magazine.


It is an interactive book series. What does that mean? In addition to these radiant women sharing their hearts, stories, and lessons with the reader, each piece is accompanied by a journaling prompt. One of our highest values is creating positive transformation, and the only way to do that is to bring people to action. This book is designed to create lasting impact through the prompts provided for reflection and immediate application. 


Compiled of stunning photography, original pieces, poetry and prompts, The Authentic Woman is specifically designed to spark your inner-creativity, inspire your heart to well up with passion and create lasting impact in your life.