Volume II: Bravery Rising [Digital edition]

Volume II: Bravery Rising [Digital edition]


The Authentic woman is an interactive series that is awakening the confidence, identity and bravery in women. 

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Bravery Rising [Digital Edition]


The Authentic Woman is an interactive series that is awakening the confidence, identity and bravery in women. In Bravery Rising, we are speaking out, standing tall and exposing the truth. We are sharing the deepest parts of our stories, failures, victories, and everything in-between  We are creating a new standard - one that accurately displays both the beauty and complexity of this life. By owning our truth and sharing our stories, we believe that we can create a space where women feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

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Bravery Rising is composed of three sections - Wake, Overcome and Dare. We are providing a fresh perspective on what it looks like to live our bravest life. 

This is more than just a book. 


It’s an interactive series in which twelve women provide practical steps for the reader to take after reading each piece. It is designed to create lasting impact by providing prompts for reflection and immediate application.

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Compiled of stunning photography, original pieces, poetry and prompts, The Authentic Woman is specifically designed to spark your inner-creativity, inspire your heart to well up with passion and create lasting impact in your life.