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Do you want to walk in radical-confidence, get crystal clear on who you are & where you want to go, and finally start pursuing your biggest dreams?


I thought so. 

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You want to ditch all of that insecurity & self-doubt and finally have the courage to show up unapologetically as yourself. 

You want to stop feeling stuck because you don’t know who you are, where you want to go, and what you want to do with your life. 

You want to find your voice, stand in your power, and be radically confident in your true identity. 

You want to gain the courage to boldly pursue those wild ideas and huge dreams swirling around in that beautiful head of yours. 


Girl, you are so in the right place. 


I totally get it.


I used to be the worst in believing in myself. In fact, I used to spend so much time listening to my inner critic that I hid who I truly was, developed extreme body-insecurity, and became paralyzed to the point where I stopped pursuing my dreams. I disqualified myself, doubted my abilities, was NOT clear on my true identity, and I was way too afraid to pursue the dreams in my heart - so I stopped dreaming.

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But then, things changed. 


I put my big-girl pants on, pushed aside my fears, and developed a system - one that actually worked - in order to ditch my self-doubt and start taking extreme action towards pursuing the dreams living and breathing inside of me. By implementing these strategies, I became clear on not only who I was but where I wanted to go, I found ways to reduce self-doubt and insecurity, and I found the courage to listen to my heart. 


Now, I’ve compiled all of my most successful lessons and strategies into a step-by-step system called Self-Doubt Black Out. 

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Imagine If…


…You finally stopped wasting your energy doubting yourself and instead, started taking radical action in your life.


…You stopped being fearful of the “how’s” and “what-if’s” and developed a deep confidence and knowing of who you are and where you want to go


…You finally found the boldness within you to stop hiding and being stuck and started showing up in the world as your truest, most unapologetic self.


…You could wake up each morning with the courage to take radical action towards pursing your wildest dreams & see results!


So, what exactly will you learn in this course? 


Section 1: Silence the Noise + Find Clarity

  • Learn where self-doubt originates

  • Slaying the giant of comparison

  • Important action steps to finding clarity


Section 2: Look Fear in the Eyes

  • Learn how fear plays a role in self-doubt

  • Determining your greatest fears

  • A guide to acknowledging your fear in order to get closer to your purpose


Section 3: Acknowledge Your Progress + Move Forward

  • Learn why you feel stuck + how to move forward

  • Re-wiring your brain to see failure in a different light

  • Steps to broadening your perspective and seeing your progress


Section 4: Have a Soul Chat with Your Inner-Critic

  • Why you should create space for your inner-critic

  • How to tell the difference between the lies you believe and valuable feedback

  • Creating an opportunity for growth through acknowledging your weaknesses


Section 5: Acknowledge Your Qualifications + Create a Plan of Action

  • Actions to take in order to become rooted in your purpose

  • Learning how to believe in your abilities to live out your dreams

  • Creating a plan of action in order to move forward towards your dream


Want a bonus? You got it. 


When you enroll for Self-Doubt Black Out, you will not only receive access to all five sections with introduction videos, cheatsheets, and workbook activities, but you’ll also get this for free…


Mental Revival: A Guide to Loving Your Body in its Fluctuation. In this interactive workbook, you will learn how to embrace your body’s fluctuation, let go of body-insecurity, and become more free, confident, and sure about your body. 

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Teacher Bio:

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Hey, lovely! I’m your teacher, Ashton Smith. I lead a beautiful online community called The Authentic Woman, where I help women cultivate radical body-confidence, pursue their wildest dreams, and change the freaking world. I help women transform their self-doubt and insecurity into radical confidence and revolutionary self-love, and I’m ready to help you do the same. 

I’m taking all of the most important strategies and lessons I know and putting them into Self-Doubt Black Out, where I’ll be showing you how to let go of your doubt, fear, and insecurity so you can finally show up unapologetically as yourself and pursue your biggest dreams.


30-day money back guarantee

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Not sure if Self-Doubt Black Out is right for you? Well, I’m giving you a full MONTH to try my strategies. If you reach out within 30 days to let me know that you’re not seeing any results, I’ll happily give you a full refund. 

I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of Self-Doubt Black Out and I want you to see how life-changing this course can be, risk-free. 

Now, if you do end up wanting a refund, you’ll need to show me that you did the work by watching the videos, completing any worksheets, and implementing my suggestions. So long as you’ve done the work, you’ll be able to request a refund. Self-Doubt Black Out doesn’t work unless you put in the work yourself. You got this.



Have questions? I’ve got answers.


Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

I sure do! If you spend 30 days going through the course and taking action but still don’t see any results, I will gladly give you a full refund! But you must show me that you’ve done the work. Every strategy, lesson, and piece of advice in this course must be applied through action in order to see results. You’ve got this!


How long do I have access to the course?

Fo’ LIFE. I can tell you that Self-Doubt Black Out won’t always be offered at this price, but after joining, you will have constant access with no additional payments. 


What format is the course content delivered in?

Great question! The course materials are shared as video content, printable cheatsheets, and a course workbook. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you are good to go.


Join Self-Doubt Black out now!

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