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August 14th - 16th | Instagram

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It’s time to ditch the lies and step into our truth: the truth that every single woman is worthy.

Because our worth is proven evident by the breath in our lungs and the beating heart in our chest, and when we realize that, magic happens


So, from August 14th to 16th, we’re calling for an Instagram revolution where we will gather online to show that women are worthy as they are. We’re replacing selfies with head-to-toe photos revealing our FULL selves and sharing why we are worthy. Then, we’ll post the picture to Instagram using the hashtag #theauthenticwoman.


Together, we will disrupt the lie that women have to fight for their worth and show the world that who we are is already ENOUGH. We will start a self-love revolution and remind women everywhere that they are truly worthy, beautiful, and full of magic. 


Are you with us? Let’s crash Instagram with the TRUTH, show up as our whole selves, and empower other women to do the same. *Confetti DROP*