APRIL 16th - 18th | Instagram


It’s time to rise up in the midst of our imperfection and remain UNSHAKEN and RADICALLY confident. 

Because confidence is NOT the absence of imperfection. Confidence is standing in the midst of imperfection and being UNSHAKEN. Nothing can deny our right to be confident women. The complex parts of ourselves and our stories equip us to carry even greater confidence.


So, from April 16th to 18th, we’re calling for an Instagram revolution where we will gather online to rise up in radical confidence. We’re replacing selfies with head-to-toe photos to reveal our FULL selves and sharing one of our imperfections ALONG with a declaration of our confidence. Then, we’ll post the picture to Instagram using the hashtag #consumedbyconfidence. 


Together, we’ll empower women to give themselves permission to be seen. We’ll create a space where women have the opportunity to show up in their fullness, come face-to-face with their authentic selves, and extend radical, deep love to all of who they are. We’ll release the perfection that binds us and watch women rise up in freedom, courage, and confidence.


Are you with us? Let’s crash Instagram with the TRUTH, show up as our whole selves, and empower other women to do the same.