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An awakening of confidence, identity, and bravery.


The Authentic Woman interactive book series empowers women to live authentically as themselves, walk in their purpose and be a catalyst for positive change in the world. It is specifically designed to create lasting impact by providing prompts for reflection and immediate application. Think book meets magazine meets self-help guide! It’s compiled of real women sharing real stories because authenticity is kind of our motto! 


What’s inside? 

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This isn’t your average book. Neither is it your average magazine. Every issue features dozens of women sharing real life stories, lessons and experiences that are meant to empower, encourage and inspire you to be your most authentic self. 


It is filled with graphic design, poetry, prompts, art and stunning photography.


All of the women featured in this publication are real. We choose to use non-retouched photography because we believe wholeheartedly that women are good enough as themselves.


In addition, the models inside do not have to have prior modeling experience because we aim to portray the every day girl kind of feel. 

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The Latest Issue…


‘Bravery Rising’ rests on the premise that each of us carry boldness, confidence and bravery at our core. It is hardwired into our makeup.

Life isn’t lived to the fullest extent without the expression of bravery.

We aren’t able to walk in our purpose and live at our highest potential without choosing to be brave. And yeah, bravery is scary. It requires risk, failure, and courage. Bravery teaches us to embrace failure - to look it in the eyes, observe it, learn from it, stand up tall and try again. It teaches us that failure isn’t the end of the story but a lesson learned.


When we can access the bravery within us and boldly share our true, authentic and real story with the world, we create a strong foundation where women are empowered to be themselves. We create a new standard. One that empowers women to be wholeheartedly themselves. This issue of The Authentic Woman features powerful women sharing real stories about their struggles, doubts, fears and insecurities. It’s full of raw, honest conversation that is meant to invite you close and show you that you are not alone.


You are never alone.

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Volume II: Bravery Rising [Print Edition]
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