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Do You Feel Like...

You can’t measure up to the world’s standard of beauty? You skim through your favorite magazine and can’t relate to one single woman inside. It’s like every woman portrayed through the media is “one type” of person, and you know that’s not you.

Do you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram full of inspirational human beings and then click over to your profile only to feel lesser than? Like everyone else’s life seems so perfect yet so unattainable. 

Are you frustrated by the standards women are expected to meet in society today? You feel like you have to change everything about you in order to be good enough. 

Are you tired of feeling alone in the pursuit of your dream? It's like everyone around you has it together, is making strides towards success, and living this perfect life while you're just trying to figure out a direction. 

Have you ever edited your skin or body in a photo before posting it online? You feel this pressure to look a certain way in order to be accepted. Like your legs have to be long and thin, your waist has to be curvy, your stomach has to be flat and your skin has to be flawless in order to be considered beautiful. 


Did you resonate with any of the above? If so, you are not alone, and you are in the right place.


The Truth Is...

Beauty is beyond unattainable standards and your body. Beauty is found in your dreams and passions, the way you fearlessly embrace life’s seasons, the bravery you display when you take risk, your laughter and smile… Beauty is in your identity. And when you grasp this concept, life becomes more meaningful, more free, more beautiful… Because when you know who you are, you gain the capacity to live out your purpose.


IMAGINE IF........

You were empowered to live honestly, truly and authentically as yourself.

You weren’t pressured to meet the media’s standards in order to be considered good enough.

You knew your worth so much so that you walked in confidence and bravery everywhere you went.

It would be amazing. It would be so freeing. It would be a new awakening. 


Want to know a secret? You have full authority to step into this place. You have an opportunity to not only challenge unjust standards but to change them. You have the power to take hold of your confidence as a beautiful woman in order to live out your true purpose. 

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Volume 1 - Beauty Unleashed


'Beauty Unleashed' is the first volume in The Authentic Woman series, and it gives every woman permission to live in her most authentic, real and honest form. It eradicates the world’s standard of beauty in order to allow every woman to walk in her identity as a beautiful human being. It leads women in the journey of discovering their purpose through grasping their worth and value first. It is a community of powerful, confident and influential women empowering others to truly unleash their beauty in the world - through their career, travel endeavors, photography, written works or any expression that fits them best.

'Beauty Unleashed' contains three sections - Discover, Embrace and Transform. Because beauty is multi-dimensional and most definitely not limited to our appearance, we are providing a new and fresh perspective on what it means to be a beautiful woman and why it is already a part of our identity. This is more than just a book - it is an interactive series in which 12 women provide practical and applicable steps for the reader to take after reading each piece. It is designed to create lasting impact by providing prompts for reflection and application.

It is a compilation of advice, stories and practical steps that you can apply to your life in order to step into your true identity and discover your authentic voice. It will awaken the identity, bravery and confidence that already lives inside of you, and it will inspire you to freely unleash your beauty in the earth.

Vol I: Beauty Unleashed [Print Edition]
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Vol I: Beauty Unleashed [Deluxe Edition]
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Join the Un-Edited & airbrush free Movement

No Woman Has Been or Will Ever Be Retouched In This Publication


Women are the most beautiful when they are fully, truly and wholeheartedly themselves. We believe that every woman should be empowered to display her truest form to the world which is why we do not retouch any of our models. Not only does this create a false expectation and standard for women all over the world, but it suggests that a woman isn't good enough as herself. We are here to voice that every woman is absolutely stunning - her identity is beauty. And she doesn't have to change anything about herself to step into her authentic identity as beautiful. She already is.

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Meet Our Contributors


Sarajane Case

Sarajane Case is a writer, coach and speaker based in Asheville, NC. She's the host of the Infuse Joy Podcast and creator of Journey Books - a subscription service for your day planner and a 12-month life changing journey all in one. In all of the work that she's doing, Sarajane helps people to navigate the delicate space between personal growth and self-love. It is her firm belief that you can and should live the life of your dreams and that it's probably a lot closer than you realize. 

Sherri Colvin

Sherri is a wife, mom, co-pastor, writer, speaker, and overseer of a school of ministry. She and her amazing husband have been married twenty-one years and they have four children whom they adore. They reside in beautiful North Carolina.

Lauren Frontiera

Lauren is the creator of The Real Female Entrepreneur, an online platform that combines the power of authentic, honest conversation and media to inspire, include, and empower female entrepreneurs. When she's working you can find her at a coffee shop, decaf latte in hand. And when she's not, you can find her somewhere with a book in hand and chocolate nearby.

Jeanmarie Grace

Jeanmarie Grace is a poet who's fallen madly in love with the power of words, and adores finding ways to use them to encourage others and herself. She believes that poems and stories have incredible ties to the heart, and if used correctly, they can stitch up even the most shattered. 

Molly HO

Storyteller, introvert, and frequent pizza eater. Molly is a lifestyle and personal growth blogger over at Wholehearted Woman, where she shares her struggles, fears, and life lessons. She talks about showing up in life, unconditionally loving yourself, and the messy parts of life.

Jaylun Moore

Jaylun is the Co-founder/Director of 5:15 Dance Ministry, as well as Assistant Director and Instructor at “L.A. Dance” in Morrisville, NC. Other than dance, her passions include: Jesus, Writing, and Chocolate! Jaylun strives to be a positive influence to other young women, encouraging them to embrace their unique gifts and light up the world around them. Jaylun’s dance philosophy is: “Dance is the language of the soul. Don’t plagiarize. Speak with your own words.”

Taylor Moore

Taylor is a dancer, model, artist, photographer, entrepreneur, writer, and aspiring fashion designer. She is the co-founder of 5:15 Dance Ministry and founder of her own business 'Eklectik.' Taylor aspires to create an environment that is safe and bully free for those who have been made to feel like outsiders, awkward, or so called "freaks of nature." Her mission is to help everyone understand that they are unique, beautiful, and designed with a purpose and that they are awesome just the way they are.

Brittney Moses

Brittney Moses is passionate about seeing this generation live on purpose. The Los Angeles native is currently a Clinical Psychology Major advancing into the fields of Therapy and Mental Health. However, her favorite part of life is being called Mommy to her sweet son Austin. Brittney's mission exists around encouraging genuine faith and mental wellness for healthy everyday living. 

Jesica Ninaber

Jess is a Youth Pastor, a Global Health and Regulatory Associate, an avid online shopper and crocheter, and a Carolina Tar Heel. Together with her husband Aaron, they have one gorgeous boy, Jude, and another on the way. She’s also a British-Canadian-American embracing all of these identities and wishing she still had her British accent.

Bria Nycole

 She's got a head full of curly hair + dreams. Lorelai Gilmore taught her how to embrace her sass and speak her mind. She's never met a library she didn’t love, and she believes in quality over quantity when it comes to friendships.

Rachel Page.JPG

Rachel PaTe

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m twenty-two years old and I love creating things. Whether that be writing a song, a DIY project, or trying a new recipe. My most favorite things in life are all things coffee, Autumn, Target, makeup, singing all the time, my cute little pup named Lily, and spending time with my sweet man.

Megan Seamans

Megan Seamans is The Life Stylist, challenging women to step outside of their comfort zone and into a life they are obsessed with! She works with women who are feeling stuck in a life that is just okay and ready for more. Supporting them to turn their dreams into a reality, and promoting happiness every single day! 


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Volume 1 - Beauty Unleashed


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