disrupt the insecurity & allow confidence to rise from within.


girl, i see you.

You scroll through Instagram and see polished, shiny, glamorous moments and wonder how the heck other women do it - the whole dream pursuit, business-building thing. You look in the mirror and find every excuse in the book as to why that can’t be you. “You’re not perfect enough, you’re not ready, you’re not confident enough, you’ve failed too many times, you don’t compare to her.”

There are days when you feel like throwing in the towel because all you feel is deep self-doubt. Sometimes your dream just feels to heavy to carry.

You’re not alone.

If you’re ready to stop striving for “perfection” and finally embody the attributes of a truly confident woman…

If you’re ready to stop apologizing for who you are and take radical responsibility of the dream in your heart…

If you’re ready to create a life-giving relationship with failure and up-level your courage, confidence, and boldness…

If you’re ready to show up and let that be enough…

You can.


 In Volume 4 of The Authentic Woman, Confidence Embodied, we’re disrupting insecurity and calling forth radical confidence in women.


 We’re re-defining confidence and equipping every woman to cultivate and embody true confidence at the core.

It isn’t something that “simply comes easily to others” or “is only for a select group of women.”

It is something that each of us can embody.

It is a daily choice we get to make: to stand in our fullness, to come face-to-face with the entirety of our being, and extend love in the midst of imperfection. 


Imagine embodying confidence at your core


Confidence isn’t found in the absence of imperfection. It’s found in the moment when you are brave enough to look fully at yourself and extend nothing but love, acceptance, and grace to all of it. 


The Authentic Woman Series isn’t just your average magazine.


It is a publication that features raw, real, honest conversations around topics that we often gloss over


Issues such as postpartum depression, addiction, eating disorders, huge failures in business, and so much more.

We are normalizing these discussions because we know that raw conversations create a culture where women feel less alone. 


Additionally, we ONLY feature non-retouched photography.


Every woman you see inside hasn’t been altered or edited in any way. What you see is the real deal


And lastly, we believe that inspiration only takes you so far…


which is why there is a prompt at the end of every single article inside so you can take action on the stories and lessons you’re reading.

We’re taking inspiration and leading you to take action in order to create positive change in your life. 


Are you Ready to disrupt insecurity & let confidence rise from within?


 Meet the Contributors of Volume 4:

Hafsa Rana

is a blogger and content creation strategist helping moms be happy, love themselves and their bodies. I also help moms create incredible businesses leveraging the power of content creation to pursue their passions, serve others and transform lives. She’s a mom of two incredible little boys and have finally settled in the suburbs of Chicago after having moved across 2 continents, 3 countries and multiple states. You can find her website at www.happilyhafsa.com and she spends a lot of time on instagram at www.instagram.com/happilyhafsa

Ashley Beaudin

is an inspirational speaker, heart encourager and messaging strategist to creative women. She is the visionary behind #theimperfectboss; a movement that is inspiring tens of thousands of creative women to become real and confident in life and business. When she is not out there inspiring and gathering women, you'll likely find her going heart eyes over bright colors or looking for a fun donut shop.

Katrina Martin

is a freelance writer and poet based out of Vancouver, Canada. She is finishing up her studies in English Literature at UBC, and works as a tour guide in her off-time. Katrina specializes in creative non-fiction, always writing with bold honesty and keen articulation. She is passionate about the power of the written word, and dreams of one day publishing a book of her own. 

Christine Vezarov

is twenty-something coffee-and-vibes enthusiast who comes alive sitting across women, hearing their stories and journeying with them towards health and self-discovery. She firmly believes in the beauty of process, community and finding true belonging. When she’s not writing, engaging creativity or coaching women, you’ll probably find Christine geeking out over her plants or snuggled in a corner reading or listening to personal development podcasts. Connect with Christine over on her Instagram or website!

Kyla Richey

is the captain of the women’s Canadian Volleyball National Team and has been a professional athlete living abroad for the past seven years. She has a heart for deep conversations, authentic connections, and a really hot cup of coffee. She has been serving many younger athletes, teammates, and her community in general by being as open and honest about her journey thus far; it may look pretty on paper, but she has had to persevere through many losses, grief, and mental health struggles while pursuing the sport she was called to play. Kyla is not only an athlete but a mental health advocate, a blogger and a writer, a believer, an encourager of living out a holistically balanced life, and also has some artistic abilities up her sleeve. After losing her best friends in high school, and most recently, her younger brother five years ago, she wants to extend a helping hand to those who are grieving their own losses. Honest words have become her stronghold. Kyla believes wholeheartedly that through the pain and the struggles we are inevitably going to experience in life, if can be honest with ourselves and those around us, we can help everyone including ourselves step in to the women we are meant to become. Connect with Kyla on instagram or on her website.

Shanté Grossett

is a New York based writer and creative with a heart for encouraging women. This strong passion inspired her to launch Her Style of Tea, a lifestyle blog centered on faith, wellness, and practical life advice for millennial women. She is also the owner of Herosa, a sustainable hair accessories brand that she begun in her senior year of college.  Herosa's mission is to inspire cultural appreciation, creativity, personal expression, and most importantly, community. If Shanté could spend her life doing only one thing, it would be using her God-given talents to inspire, encourage, and show love to the women who take the time out to listen to what she has to say. 

Carrie Grace

is a motivational speaker who travels the country inspiring audiences. She goes into schools and companies to help create better, more empathic cultures for all. She also helps business owners and sales teams take bigger risks in order to reach their goals. She's not afraid of daring to dream big and ask for what she wants in life. She's had a birthday party at 30,000 feet on the air on an airplane and found herself sitting next to Anna Kendrick at the 2019 Grammy's.

Sam Jones

is an influencer in the #skinpositivity media movement and shares her stories and struggles at @confessionsofskin on Instagram. Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS she helps educate followers on the importance of hormone health from a well-balanced perspective. Her desire is to see women show up in the skin they’re in and love it. Sam is also a photographer and social media manager living in Alabama with her husband. 

Jessica Takacs

is making it a point to share her journey of nontoxic living - including but certainly not limited to clean beauty, lots of thrifting, essential oils, and learning to love herself healthy. She’s passionate about helping women bring into their lives things that bloom life and joy, and that naturally push out things that aren’t serving them and their goals. With a background as a photographer, makeup artist, fine art major, and general lover of all things design, she’s constantly seeking to find more beauty in her day-to-day and combine form and function. When she’s not working, you can probably find her cozied up in a vintage knit sweater with a good book, a cup of tea, and her pup. 

Sheila Joy

helps burned out high-achieving women awaken to their inner purpose so they can lead abundant and joyful lives. She provides her clients with a safe and supportive space to break free from what’s no longer serving them, unleash their deepest desires, and step into their most authentic selves. A lover of all things woo and curious at her core, you can find this down-to-earth Taurus helping her clients kick ass, on her yoga mat, practicing moon rituals, or with her head in a book.

Shelby Leinbach

is a writer and creative living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband of three years. She began pursuing her passion for writing in 2016 through Instagram and her blog to compel others to find and live out their true worth, as she does that herself. Through peaceful imagery and written words, she shares her heart daily to serve God and her community, and plans to take her passions even further in the future. She even released her first poetry book in April 2018. Shelby enjoys cultivating new connections through her Instagram; she loves how it allows her to spread positivity to all who come across her content. She continues to write and grow through doing so, and is excited to keep pursuing it.

Jessica Demasi

is a Certified Eating Psychology who specializes in Functional Endocrinology. She is passionate about empowering women in their health journeys in a way that is size inclusive and diet culture exclusive. You can catch her discussing the taboo topics of women's health, body image, and society in her signature series #WHTabooTuesday on Instagram or posting pictures of her dog Kevin. 

Ashton Smith

is the founder of The Authentic Woman, a platform that leads women to cultivate radical confidence and pursue their wildest dreams by awakening to their self-worth and breaking down their big dreams into daily action items. She loves working closely with women who are ready to grasp their inherent worth, tap into their power, and use their unique gifts and talents to make a big impact in the world. You will find her regularly embracing impromptu dance parties, sipping on lattes at local coffee shops, striving to be the best plant mom, and working alongside her super goofy and talented husband.


 Disrupt the Insecurity & Watch confidence rise from within